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Nasturtium Trailing

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  1. Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    Nasturtium Seeds - Trailblazer

    …and a compact, trailing habit, more manageable in a hanging basket than some trailing types. Stems will trail to some 60cm (2'). When you plant up your hanging baskets with your old favourites, scatter…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 25
  2. Nasturtium Seeds - Tall Mixed

    Nasturtium Seeds - Tall Mixed

    For clothing a sunny walll or fence. Equally very showy trailed over a high wall. Good range of colours. Single flowers in shades of crimson, scarlet, orange and yellow. Height 180cm (6'). Easy to grow plants that will…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 35
  3. Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    A first in nasturtiums, creamy-green variegated leaves with red ladybird spotted, yellow flowers. An excellent trailing, ground cover plant, perfect for both baskets and to cover the ground with a burst of colour!A…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Content 25 seeds
Showing 3 product(s)