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  1. Seed Potatoes - Nicola 1kg

    Seed Potatoes - Nicola 1kg

    Colour - yellow. Shape - long oval. High yielding variety, stores well. Tasty 'new' potato variety. Waxy flesh. Ideal for salad, roast. Salad type. Harvest July-August.

  2. Seed Potatoes - Blight Tolerant Collection Save 41%

    Seed Potatoes - Blight Tolerant Collection

    These five varieties we have found best combining blight tolerance with taste. Particularly useful in the recent British summers. Collection contains 5kg (1kg of each variety):Setanta - Red skinned maincrop with perhaps the…

    5kg (1kg of each variety)
    £15.00 Was £25.47
Showing 2 product(s)