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Onions First Early

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  1. Onion Sets - F1 Centurion

    Onion Sets - F1 Centurion

    This first-rate onion is strong growing and will produce a heavy, early maturing crop, even in our indifferent British summers. An even skin colour and uniform globe shaped bulbs, together with good keeping ability…

    Despatch from 10/01/2020 250g Pack
  2. Onion Seeds - Hiball F1

    Onion Seeds - Hiball F1

    A first class type for sowing mid/late August to produce early crops in June/July the following year. A crisp, juicy onion of excellent flavour with a mild bite, Hiball exhibits good winter hardiness and the…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 70
Showing 2 product(s)