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  1. Onion (Organic) Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    Onion (Organic) Seeds - Ailsa Craig

    (1899) Large golden straw- coloured onions, globe-shaped, with a mild sweet flavour. Much loved by exhibitors.

    Average Packet Content 250 seeds
  2. Onion Seeds - Pompei

    Onion Seeds - Pompei

    A quick-growing round white onion which is equally delicious for salads or pickling.

    Average Seeds 300
  3. Onion (Spring) Seeds - Red & White Mix

    Onion (Spring) Seeds - Red & White Mix

    A mix of red and white spring onion varieties - fast-maturing onions with excellent flavour to liven up summer salads. Sow successionally for continued cropping.

    Average Seeds 300
  4. Spring Onion (Organic) Seeds - White Lisbon

    Spring Onion (Organic) Seeds - White Lisbon

    A reliable old spring onion favourite, with upright stems and mild flavour. Very quick growing. Sow in succession from early spring.

    Average Packet Content 400 seeds
  5. Onion Salad (Organic) Seeds - Ishikura Bunching

    Onion Salad (Organic) Seeds - Ishikura Bunching

    A delicious Japanese bunching salad/spring onion, with long white stems (does not form bulbs). Earthing up will increase the length of the white portion. High in dietary fibre and vitamins, it's ideal in salads and stir-fries.…

    Average Packet Content 285 seeds
Showing 5 product(s)