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Organic Tomato Seeds

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  1. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    An early cropper with uniform fruits of good flavour. Good resistance to mildew and greenback.

    Average Packet Content 40 seeds
  2. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Green Zebra

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Green Zebra

    These extraordinary fruits are yellow with green stripes when ripe, with the flesh remaining beautiful bright green with a characteristic, pleasant tangy flavour. The 5-7cm tomatoes weigh up to 100g and are ideal for…

    Average Packet Content 30 seeds
  3. Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Creamy flesh (similar to that of the avocado), with a strong, pleasant taste, ideal for making soup: simply puree the cooked flesh in a mixer and add tomato sauce, butter and salt. Stores well.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  4. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Gardener's Delight

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Gardener's Delight

    …fruit with outstanding flavour. These delicious organic tomatoes are ideal for salads, and an exceptional cropper outdoors or under glass.With over 15 million organic gardeners in the UK and the number…

    Average Packet Content 30 seeds
  5. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Moneymaker

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Moneymaker

    Everybody knows this one! A reliable variety producing plenty of fruits with a pleasant flavour.

    Average Packet Content 38 seeds
  6. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Costoluto Fiorentino

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Costoluto Fiorentino

    A classic Italian deeply ribbed 'beefsteak' tomato up to 10cm across. Meaty and ideal for slicing. Superb for roasting or sauce production.

    Average Packet Content 25 seeds
Showing 6 product(s)