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Pak Choi

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  1. Pak Choi Seeds - Rubi F1

    Pak Choi Seeds - Rubi F1

    A real hit with gardeners at every show we attend. The colour is unbelievable. If you have never grown Pak Choi, this is the one to start with! Attractive purplish-red leaves with a contrasting green underside, which…

    Average Seeds 150
  2. Pak Choi seeds - Hanakan F1

    Pak Choi seeds - Hanakan F1

    Compact, slow bolting plants with round smooth leaves and thick pure white stalks.

    Average seed content 200
  3. Leaf Salad Seeds - Spicy Oriental Mix

    Leaf Salad Seeds - Spicy Oriental Mix

    Spice up your summer salads with this mix of Pak Choi, Cantong white, Mizuna greens Kyoto, Mustard Red Giant, Mustard Golden Streaks and Salad Rocket.Easy to grow cut-and-come-again salads. Do you buy those bags of…

    Average Seeds 850
  4. Chard Seeds - Barese

    Chard Seeds - Barese

    A unique chard that forms exceptionally tender baby greens, much like pak choi. It also forms an impressive mature plant, with attractive, slightly curled leaves. For pak choi style plants, space plants…

    Average Seeds 200
Showing 4 product(s)