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Pansy Seeds

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  1. Pansy Seeds - Poker Face F2

    Pansy Seeds - Poker Face F2

    The pansy with the exotic, velvety flowers. Deep maroon centres to the blooms with an orange band bisecting a further maroon to the edge of the petals. A real novelty. Height 15cm (6"). HB/HP - Hardy biennial/Hardy…

    Average Seeds 95
  2. Viola Seeds - Funny Face

    Viola Seeds - Funny Face

    Compact little plants whose small flowers have whiskered markings resembgling little faces. Colours include violet-purple, mauve, lavender-blue, lilac-pink, bronze and creamy-white, combined with yellow or golden centres. Height…

    Average Seeds 200
  3. Aster Seeds - Madelaine

    Aster Seeds - Madelaine

    This tall aster makes a superb late summer bedding plant, as well as a fantastic cut flower, blooming from July-Sept. The large single blooms come in pinks/white/purple and violet, meaning they all blend together brilliantly. In…

    Average Seeds 100
  4. Pansy Seeds - Emperor Strain Mixed

    Pansy Seeds - Emperor Strain Mixed

    Majestic in appearance, a special Dobies blend of large flowered varieties each having a cental contrasting blotch. Height 15-20cm (6-8"). HB/HP - Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

    Average Seeds 120
  5. Pansy Seeds - Winter Cheer F1

    Pansy Seeds - Winter Cheer F1

    Since the disappearance of pansy Universal we at Dobies have been working hard to find a replacement and we think we have found it in this stunning newcomer. Producing some blooms throughout the winter, in comes to a…

    Average Seeds 25
  6. Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    Cobaea Scandens Seeds

    A fast growing climber with large, bell-shaped, violet-blue flowers. Under glass, the plant is perennial. For outdoor use, treat as a half hardy annual. HHP - Half hardy perennial. Height up to 300cm (10'). RHS Award of Garden…

    13 Seeds
  7. Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box

    Wildflower Mix Seeds - Window Box

    …mix for window boxes and smaller containers specially developed for Dobies with shorter species which don't grow too big so it's perfect for smaller containers. Contains 20 species including forget-me-not, wild…

    Average Packet Content 600 seeds
Showing 8 product(s)