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Pickled Peppers

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  1. Pepper Plant - Pearls

    Pepper Plant - Pearls

    Small, unusual 'beaked' fruits, ideal for sauces and salads, with fruity, aromatic flavours and a mild heat. This red-skinned type is quite a find - much rarer than the standard yellow-skinned type, it's the perfect pepper

    1 x 10cm Potted Plant
  2. Pepper (Chilli) Plants - Xalapa

    Pepper (Chilli) Plants - Xalapa

    …'Xalapa' is the name of a Mexican city where these chillies are eaten green and mild or left to turn red and increase in heat, perfect to add to any meal, stuff with cream cheese and bake, or pickle to eat with…

    3 Super Plugs
Showing 2 product(s)