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Pickling Cucumber

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  1. Cucumber Seeds - Venlo Pickling (Cornichon)

    Cucumber Seeds - Venlo Pickling (Cornichon)

    A delicious cucumber, ideal for pickling. The fruits are best picked when young and tender. Crops well all summer.Simon says: "Unpickled these are great in salads and very unique; once pickled it is great to…

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  2. Fermentation Crocks - 2 Litre

    Fermentation Crocks - 2 Litre

    Traditional pickling is an amazing way to turn all kinds of foods (not just cucumbers!) into sour, toothsome, nutritious snacks and toppings. It relies on fermentation to both preserve and transform practically any…

    Delivery within 7 days Fermentation Crock
  3. Cucamelon Plants

    Cucamelon Plants

    …Ready when they are grape sized and still firm to the touch. Origin: Mexico. Latin Name: Melothria scabra.Cucamelons can be used in just the same way as traditional cucumbers; in salads, pickled, whole, or…

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  4. Cucumber Plants - Zipangu

    Cucumber Plants - Zipangu

    Medium-long fruit with spiny, dark green skins and tasty flesh that is crisper and less watery, adding a real crunch to summer salads. Also ideal for pickling. Good mildew resistance.

    Despatch from May 2019 3 Super Plugs
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Showing 4 product(s)