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  1. Pink Blueberry Plant - Pink Lemonade

    Pink Blueberry Plant - Pink Lemonade

    …are ideal for growing in a mixed ornamental border as well as in the fruit garden. The heavy crops of berries…

    Delivery within 7 days 1 x 1.3 Litre Potted Plant
  2. Table Lamp - Pink

    Table Lamp - Pink

    Giant pink light bulb turns into a fun lamp perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Switch at top of bulb. Size:…

    Delivery within 7 days Pink Table Lamp x 1
    From £9.99
  3. Ranunculus Bulbs - Pink

    Ranunculus Bulbs - Pink

    Clump forming and compact plants producing green leaves along with cup-shaped pink flowers during May-June.…

    Despatch from 26/02/2018 10 Bulbs
  4. Single CaneTopper - Pink Save 59%

    Single CaneTopper - Pink

    Use to cover the dangerous top of single canes, or to create a 3 or 8 cane teepee. Pack of 10 "Single" CaneToppers - Delivery within 7 days Pack of 10 - Pink

    From £4.00 Was £9.98
  5. Leeds Mug - Pink

    Leeds Mug - Pink

    Delivery within 7 days Mug
    From £14.00
  6. Paperweight - Pink Rose

    Paperweight - Pink Rose

    Handmade in Scotland, this crystal paperweight is inspired by a garden flower. A metal rose shaped tool is used to push…

    Delivery within 7 days Pink Rose
  7. Begonia Plant - Pink Twist

    Begonia Plant - Pink Twist

    A large leafed and majestic plant. The leaves have a pink central heart with a pale border finishing in a dark…

    Despatch from March 2018 1 x Super Plug Plant
  8. Diascia Plants - Pink Bicolour

    Diascia Plants - Pink Bicolour

    A great new variety which produces loads of flowers in two different pink tones producing a beautiful &…

    Despatch from May 2018 6 Super Plug Plants
  9. Cistus Plant - Silver Pink

    Cistus Plant - Silver Pink

    An evergreen shrub forming a neat, compact mound of silver-green foliage. Large pink flowers are produced in…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 2 Litre Potted Plant
  10. Photinia Plant - Pink Crispy Save 33%

    Photinia Plant - Pink Crispy

    …first international trade show! The heavily marbled foliage of dark green and cream colours look great but the…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 2-3 Litre Potted Plant
    £9.99 Was £14.99
  11. Scabious Plant - Pink Diamond

    Scabious Plant - Pink Diamond

    Lovely pink flowers shaped almost like pin cushions with a frilly edge of the same colour are produced in…

    Despatch from April 2018 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  12. Begonia Plant - Pink Champagne

    Begonia Plant - Pink Champagne

    A fantastic medium sized begonia. A decorative foliage of heart-shaped silver and dark green colouring. Stems are a deep…

    Despatch from March 2018 1 Super Plug Plant
  13. Diascia Seeds - Pink Queen

    Diascia Seeds - Pink Queen

    Pretty rose-pink blooms from June onwards. An excellent choice for alternate planting blue lobelia around the edge of a…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 110
  14. Rose Plant - Pink Abundance

    Rose Plant - Pink Abundance

    …blooms, everything about the rose is pleasing. It is a fine choice for general planting and a delight for vase…

    Delivery within 14 days 1 Bare Root Plant
  15. Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Pink

    Beetroot Seeds - Chioggia Pink

    We now have further seed supplies of this popular Italian beet, so are pleased to re-introduce this unique variety.…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 300
  16. Pluot Tree - Pink Candy

    Pluot Tree - Pink Candy

    Large, peach-sized smooth skinned fruit. Very juicy with an almost tropical flavour. Harvest early September. Height 3m…

    Delivery within 7 days 1 Bare Root Tree
  17. Petunia Plants - Surfinia Pink

    Petunia Plants - Surfinia Pink

    Surfinias will rapidly grow to create a torrential cascade of vibrant summer colour that lasts and lasts, and because…

    Despatch from May 2018 6 Super Plugs
  18. Dahlia Tubers - Pink Perception

    Dahlia Tubers - Pink Perception

    Masses of lovely shaped flower heads on sturdy stems. Flowers August-early November. Height 80-90cm (32-36"). Waterlily…

    Despatch from 26/02/2018 2 Tubers
  19. Scabiosa Plants - Pink Diamond

    Scabiosa Plants - Pink Diamond

    Compact plants that will come into bloom quickly and continue to flower for months on end! Great for wildlife. Flowers…

    Despatch from April 2018 16 Value Plugs
  20. Crepis rubra Seeds - Pink

    Crepis rubra Seeds - Pink

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 500
Showing 736 product(s)
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