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Planting Spade

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  1. Great Dixter Planting Spade

    Great Dixter Planting Spade

    As much planting is done on our hands and knees, this short-handled spade with a narrow head makes digging larger holes easier and less arduous than using a hand trowel. The handle enables you to use both hands when…

    Planting Spade - 42cm
  2. Poaching Spade

    Poaching Spade

    …with a macabre past, originally known as a poachers or rabbiting spade, but which now finds itself an invaluable tool in the garden. Its long, narrow tapered blade enables better soil penetration and makes a perfect…

    Poaching Spade
  3. Greenman Border Spade

    Greenman Border Spade

    …coating.Border Spade - This superb tool has a longer than average split ash handle with five separate rivets at key locations and extra strong, extra long lipped sockets for superior strength. The border spade,<…

  4. Grochar Tree Soil Improver Save 5%

    Grochar Tree Soil Improver

    …treated with biochar injected into the soil with a "&oelig;air spade". Use when planting out or potting all types of trees, shrubs and woody plants. Ideal for transplanting new stock or moving…

    £21.84 Was £22.99
Showing 4 product(s)