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Plants For August

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  1. Blueberry Plants - Collection

    Blueberry Plants - Collection

    Three outstanding varieties that will provide you with juicy berries, throughout summer and autumn, for years to…

    Delivery within 7 days 3 Potted Plants (1 of each variety)
  2. Rudbeckia Plants - Goldsturm

    Rudbeckia Plants - Goldsturm

    A border favourite, producing masses of long-lived, golden-yellow blooms with dark centres. Vibrant autumn flowers.…

    Despatch from September 2018 16 Value Plugs
  3. Alcea Plants - Cabaret

    Alcea Plants - Cabaret

    Ideal for the smaller garden. Produces many spikes of large, single blooms in a range of colours including pink,…

    Despatch from September 2018 16 Value Plugs
  4. Juncus effusus spiralis Plants

    Juncus effusus spiralis Plants

    This evergreen is a must have for any small pond. It has an unusual corkscrew twist to the cylindrical foliage.…

    Delivery within 21 days 3 x 9cm Potted Plants
    From £14.99
  5. Viola Plants - Raspberry Sundae

    Viola Plants - Raspberry Sundae

    Bred for its compact, uniform plants, early and long flowering period, this beautiful mix of pink, lilac…

    6 x 9cm Potted Plants
  6. Scabiosa Plants - Pink Diamond

    Scabiosa Plants - Pink Diamond

    Compact plants that will come into bloom quickly and continue to flower for months on end! Great for Despatch from September 2018 16 Value Plugs

  7. Delphinium Plants - Magic Fountains

    Delphinium Plants - Magic Fountains

    A vigorous-growing mix which will produce sturdy spikes of classic delphinium blooms. Ideal for borders or even a…

    Despatch from September 2018 16 Value Plugs
  8. Rhodanthemum Plant - Casablanca

    Rhodanthemum Plant - Casablanca

    …of snowy white flowers in your garden, with this beautiful Moroccan Daisy plant. A lovely plant Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant

  9. Coreopsis Plant - Sunkiss

    Coreopsis Plant - Sunkiss

    Robust, easy-to-grow, hardy border plants that will bloom prolifically for months, lighting up borders and…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  10. Sempervivum arachnoideum Plant

    Sempervivum arachnoideum Plant

    …indoor succulent cousins! An intriguing little plant, with a rosette of furry foliage and a silver…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  11. Mimulus guttatus Plant

    Mimulus guttatus Plant

    Numerous bright yellow flowers with small reddish spots throughout the summer make it a popular plant for

    Delivery within 21 days 1 Litre Potted Plant
  12. Aponogeton distachyos Plant

    Aponogeton distachyos Plant

    Free flowing for most of the year. Very hardy, but if protected from frost, it will flower all winter. It dies…

    Delivery within 21 days 1 Potted Plant - Litre Pot
  13. Sorbaria Plant - Sem

    Sorbaria Plant - Sem

    …shrub with fluffy panicles of white flowers in July to August. Foliage are pinnate, with a fresh green…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 2 Litre Potted Plant
  14. Clereodendrum trichotomum Plant

    Clereodendrum trichotomum Plant

    …tree with variable simple leaves. Is best planted close to paths or where its wonder scent can be…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 x 7.5-10 Litre Potted Plant
  15. Fig Plant - Brown Turkey

    Fig Plant - Brown Turkey

    …wall then waste this space no longer. Brown Turkey is the most reliable fig for the UK climate and in…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  16. Sempervivum tectorum Plant - Rubin

    Sempervivum tectorum Plant - Rubin

    Houseleeks are the outdoor succulent. They're tough and last for many years, and can be grown in a range of…

    Delivery within 7-14 days 1 x 9cm Potted Plant
  17. Campsis radicans Plant - Flava

    Campsis radicans Plant - Flava

    …f. flava is a climbing vine with glossy, toothed, dark green foliage, pinnately formed, and golden yellow…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Potted Plant
  18. Mahonia aquifolium Plant - Apollo

    Mahonia aquifolium Plant - Apollo

    A vigourous, low growing shrub, Mahonia Apollo is an attractive ground covering plant ideal for a shady…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 3 Litre Potted Plant
  19. Clematis Plant - Multi Blue

    Clematis Plant - Multi Blue

    …late spring and are large, deep blue and double. A second flush appears in autumn, producing semi-double flowers…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Potted Plant
  20. Buddleia davidii Plant - Masquerade

    Buddleia davidii Plant - Masquerade

    …arching branches with narrow greyish-green and cream or yellow foliage. From summer to autumn it will produce…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 Potted Plant
Showing 123 product(s)
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