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Plants For Partial Shade

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  1. Clematis Plant - Westerplatte

    Clematis Plant - Westerplatte

    …late spring and early summer, with a second flush in early autumn. A compact plant, it can be grown in a container, and suits gardens where space is limited. Best on a sunny or partially shaded wall,…

    1 Potted Plant
  2. Passiflora caerulea Plant

    Passiflora caerulea Plant

    …Flower is perfect for adding an exotic and tropical feel to your garden. The stunning flowers have large white petals that open out to reveal blueish-purple filaments. A vigorous climber ideally situated in a sunny…

    2 Litre Potted Plant
  3. Philadelphus Plant - Starbright

    Philadelphus Plant - Starbright

    …scent. Philadelphus Starbright, also known as the Mock Orange Starbright, is a deciduous shrub. Has an upright habit. It is suitable for most types of soil if well-drained and can be grown in either a sunny or 1 x 7.5-10 Litre Potted Plant

  4. Clematis Plant - Hagley Hybrid

    Clematis Plant - Hagley Hybrid

    A good choice for a north-facing wall, Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' flowers from mid-summer to early autumn, producing large star-shaped mauve-pink flowers. It does best in partial shade, as the flower colour will…

    1 Potted Plant
  5. Hypericum moserianum Plant - Tricolor

    Hypericum moserianum Plant - Tricolor

    …shrub, evergreen in warm areas, with pink-flushed green leaves edged in creamy white. Masses of bright yellow flowers appear from mid-summer to early autumn. It will cope with most soil conditions and grows in sun or 3 Litre Potted Plant

  6. Hydrangea serrata Plant - Bluebird

    Hydrangea serrata Plant - Bluebird

    …early summer through to autumn. On acid soils, the flowers are blue, while on neutral or alkaline soils they will become pink. This is an ideal shrub for a small garden. Best in partial shade. If grown…

    1 x 7.5-10 Litre Potted Plant
  7. Clematis montana Plant - Rubens

    Clematis montana Plant - Rubens

    …cover the shrub in late spring and early summer. It also has a sweet fragrance, making a favourite for walls near the house, where the fragrance can be enjoyed. It will grow in sun or partial shade,

    1 Potted Plant
  8. Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Bloomstar

    Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Bloomstar

    …veins make this plant a head turner even before the flowers bloom. Flowers change colour as they age - creating a multi-coloured effect! Flowers June-October. Bloomstar will eventually reach a height of about 90…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  9. Hydrangea m. Plant - (You and Me) 'Together'

    Hydrangea m. Plant - (You and Me) 'Together'

    …prepared for a long season of interest! Use it to spice up your borders, perhaps as a background for lighter coloured flowers. Hydrangea You and Me Together is best suited to moist but well-drained and…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  10. Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Twist 'N' Shout

    Hydrangea Plant - Endless Summer Twist 'N' Shout

    …the plant with its beautiful foliage will continue to be something to look at regardless. It prefers well-drained moist soil and partial shade. The plant grows upright and is well-rounded. The …

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
Showing 10 product(s)