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Plastic Mesh

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  1. Plastic Coated Wire Fencing

    Plastic Coated Wire Fencing

    Durable plastic coated 25mm mesh wire fencing for use in the garden. Length 4 metres x 0.9 metres high.

    Coated Wire Fencing
  2. Plastic Coated Mesh Fencing

    Plastic Coated Mesh Fencing

    A durable garden fencing solution, this plastic coated mesh wire fencing comes in a handy 5 metre long pack and will stand at 1 metre. Mesh size 100 x 50mm.

    Mesh Fencing
  3. Giant Seed Bird Feeder

    Giant Seed Bird Feeder

    …less frequent filling. 8 port feeder with landing perches. Black powder-coated steel body & seed catch tray. Stainless steel fine mesh. No plastic parts to be eaten by squirrels. Quick-release…

    Bird Feeder
  4. Worm City Wormery

    Worm City Wormery

    …The worms stay mainly in the top trays where the newest material is added, so they will look after themselves without needing to be handled. The mesh bottom of each tray remains in contact with the food below. As…

Showing 4 product(s)