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Plum Tomato Seeds

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  1. Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    This large plum-type, firm textured variety will be ready to pick from late June (even earlier under glass). Tolerant to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoor growing. Large fruited (Bush) variety. Sow…

    Average Seeds 30
  2. Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Tomato Seeds - Giulietta F1

    Bred by our own group this large fruited Italian plum variety performed superbly on last years trials. The fruits set well, even under cool conditions and are juicy and delicious. High yields and a good range of disease…

    8 Seeds
  3. Tomato Artisan Seeds - Pink Tiger

    Tomato Artisan Seeds - Pink Tiger

    …this American heirloom tomato in a market in Petaluma, California. They were sold in small punnets, with the local children eating them like fruit! Each tomato is fire engine red and striped with gold, so why…

    15 Seeds
Showing 3 product(s)