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Poppy Seeds

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  1. Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    The beautiful and iconic Field Poppy is much in demand at the moment - 100 years since the start of the 1st World War. This short-lived perennial will seed itself to provide displays from year to year. Height 30-60cm…

    Average Seeds 2800
  2. Poppy Seeds - Love Affair Mixed

    Poppy Seeds - Love Affair Mixed

    A stunning blend of flower colours, the majority of which have beautiful picotee flower markings. Love Affair has a long flowering period for this type of poppy. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 60-70cm (24-28"). Flowers…

    Average Seeds 950
  3. Poppy (Organic) Seeds - Mix

    Poppy (Organic) Seeds - Mix

    Mixed Poppy is a delightful mixture of single and double poppies with a wide variety of colours and shapes. The colours vary from cream to orange and from pink to red, with or without a white rim. There are both…

    Average Packet Content 400 seeds
  4. Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    Poppy Seeds - Ladybird

    A distinctive low-growing poppy with vibrant 'fire-engine' red flowers marked with a conspicuous black spot on each petal. Ideal as a rock garden or alpine plant as well as for borders. Height 40cm (16"). RHS Award of…

    Average Seeds 950
  5. Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    Flowering Mixture Seeds - Shade Mix

    …which are now increasingly being used by highway agencies over here. Sow Mar-Jun to flower Jun-Oct. P.S. 15cm (6). Each packet contains sufficient seed to sow an area of 1sq. m.Everyone will have a part of the…

  6. Poppy Seeds - Black Swan

    Poppy Seeds - Black Swan

    Effortlessly beautiful and a real conversation starter, Black Swan has double and semi double frilled blooms that add texture to your outside space. The burgundy and black flowers have finely cut petals that will dance in the…

    Average Seeds 1000
  7. Wildflower Mix Seeds - Patio Pots

    Wildflower Mix Seeds - Patio Pots

    A specially developed, exclusive mix for patio pots and containers. A great way to get wildflowers into an urban garden, courtyard or balcony with over 20 species including marigold, poppy and yarrow. Flowers late May…

    Average Packet Content 600 seeds
  8. Eschscholzia Seeds - Thai Silk Mixed

    Eschscholzia Seeds - Thai Silk Mixed

    Beautiful, full, double or semi-double flowers with attractive ruffled petals in brightly coloured shades on dark green, finely cut foliage. A queen among poppies and as easy to grow as you can get. RHS Award of Garden…

    Average Seeds 400
  9. Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    Colourful Annuals Mix Seeds

    This Colourful Annuals Mix contains 8 native species of annual Wildflower including easy-to-establish species such as common poppy and cornflower. Will provide a splash of colour with minimal effort and prove beneficial for…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  10. Meconopsis Seeds - Lingholm

    Meconopsis Seeds - Lingholm

    Everyone loves the 'blue poppy' and Lingholm is the largest flowered variety of those available with teh deepest colour too. Easier to grow than other perennial poppies. Height 90cm (3'). HP - Hardy perennial.

    Average Seeds 70
Showing 12 product(s)