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Potato Fertiliser

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  1. Organic Potato Fertiliser - 4kg Save 50%

    Organic Potato Fertiliser - 4kg

    Boost your potato harvest with this specially formulated fertiliser. The contents are similar to Chase Organic Fertiliser but with extra potash and magnesium from milled rock.An organic fertiliser

    £7.49 Was £14.99
  2. Potato and Fruit Fertiliser

    Potato and Fruit Fertiliser

    …and colour), plus added Magnesium which is ideally suited to the needs of both potatoes and fruit crops. The granules ensure a slow release effect which will result in higher quality crops. N-P-K 7-5-12. 5kg.Note:…

  3. Garden Potash - 3.5kg

    Garden Potash - 3.5kg

    Potassium is a rich fertiliser and 100% natural. This fertiliser is applied to a wide range of crops but mainly tuberous plants (onions, tulip, beets, potato...) and fruit forming crops (strawberry, tomato...)…

    3.5kg Box
  4. Garden Ridger

    Garden Ridger

    …but remains so far largely undiscovered in the UK. Invaluable in the veg garden for creating furrows for sowing and planting, earthing up, as well as for turning over the soil and mixing in compost or fertiliser. It…

Showing 4 product(s)