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Potted Raspberry

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  1. Loganberry Plant - LY654

    Loganberry Plant - LY654

    A delicious thornless hybrid between blackberry and raspberry was first introduced to the UK in 1883. Ripening during July-August, the large cone-shaped berries, up to 5cm (2") long, are full of sweet, rich, flavour. In the…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  2. Raspberry Plant - Glen Coe

    Raspberry Plant - Glen Coe

    …and outstanding, sweet, intense flavour. Unusual, vigorous, clump-forming habit - ideal for border or patio container. This rich-purple-coloured raspberry forms a clump of vigorous, semi-erect, spine-free stems,…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  3. Raspberry Plant - Yummy

    Raspberry Plant - Yummy

    …throughout summer. Growing to a height of 45cm, Raspberry Yummy is ideally suited to a pot or container on the patio.With no clever pruning required to keep growth in check, you'll have more time to enjoy it.…

    Delivery within 14-21 days 1 x 12cm Potted Plant
  4. Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    Zinnia Seeds - Raspberry Lemonade

    …them, producing masses of flowers in a variety of colours. Plant them a foot apart to create a floral carpet, or try them individually in terracotta pots on the patio, they look amazing like this on a garden table.…

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 25
  5. Viola Plants - Raspberry Sundae

    Viola Plants - Raspberry Sundae

    …flowering period, this beautiful mix of pink, lilac whites and purple will flower for many months and provide a tasteful display whether in a container, hanging basket or the front of a border. Flowers March-May and August…

    Despatch from January 2019 6 x 9cm Potted Plants
  6. Raspberry Plants - Long Cane Glen Ample

    Raspberry Plants - Long Cane Glen Ample

    …cane raspberry plants are supplied with approximately 1.2m (4') of year old fruiting wood still attached, so you can plant them and be cropping from mid July in the same season! The first delicious berries will be…

    Despatch from January 2019 Pack of 10 Plants (canes)
  7. Raspberry Yummy & Groovy with Love Heart Liqueur

    Raspberry Yummy & Groovy with Love Heart Liqueur

    …throughout summer. Growing to a height of 45cm, it's ideally suited to a pot on the patio and being thornless makes it easy to pick. And Groovy is an incredibly ornamental new golden-leaved variety. Supplied in 12cm…

    Delivery within 7 days 2 x 12cm Potted Raspberry Plants (1 of each variety) & Bottle of Liqueur
  8. Boysenberry Plant

    Boysenberry Plant

    A 1920's heirloom variety - great balance of sweet and tart. A cross between loganberries, raspberries and dewberries, boysenberries are incredibly hardy and even more resistant to disease and drought than blackberries.…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 x 2 litre Potted Plant
  9. Tayberry Plant - Buckingham

    Tayberry Plant - Buckingham

    Tayberry is a cross between blackberry and raspberry. Provides an abundant crop of large, purple and deliciously sweet fruit from mid July until late August. A super dessert fruit, but also good for freezing and jam making.…

    Despatch from January 2019 1 x 2 Litre Potted Plant
  10. Rose Plant - Caroline Victoria

    Rose Plant - Caroline Victoria

    …- For beds, borders and in groups. Supplied in a 4 litre pot. Caroline Victoria - Introduced in 2006, this light, creamy rose evokes effortless serenity and grace. Its perfume is exceptionally long-lasting: a base…

    Delivery within 14 days 1 Potted Plant
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Showing 10 product(s)