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Provence White

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  1. Garlic (Softneck) Bulbs - Provence Wight

    Garlic (Softneck) Bulbs - Provence Wight

    Large white softneck, the cloves are nearly as large as the Elephant Garlic size. As the name suggests this variety originated in the north of Provence with superb warm and subtle flavours. Harvest mid June. 2 Bulbs …

    2 Bulbs
  2. French Country Scroll Pot Trellis

    French Country Scroll Pot Trellis

    Turn your garden into a rural Provencal retreat using the Panacea French Country Scroll Trellis. The gentle arch and detailed scrolls at the top of this piece bring a delicate look to your backyard, while the distressed…

    Pot Trellis
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