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  1. Pumpkin Seeds - Atlantic Giant

    Pumpkin Seeds - Atlantic Giant

    Seen by many whilst holidaying in the USA, we have been asked to introduce this American, whopper! If you are looking for the big one for the village show or Halloween then this is the one to grow. Similar in colour and structure…

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  2. Pumpkin Seeds - Old Boer White

    Pumpkin Seeds - Old Boer White

    Originating in South Africa. I first came across this beautiful, pure white pumpkin while in Cape Town. It is flatter than most other pumpkins, with pronounced ribbing to the skin. The white skin is a complete…

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  3. Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    Pumpkin Seeds - Orbit F1

    A semi-buish variety better suited to small spaces, so ideal for modern gardens. The bright orange, quick maturing, fruit are delicious to eat, and perfect for Halloween. Fruits weigh 6-8 lbs and store well in a dry environment at…

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  4. Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Sweet Dumpling

    Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Sweet Dumpling

    White squash with dark green stripes and deep ribs, up to 300g and 12cm diameter. Sweet, orange flesh. Trailing.

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  5. Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    A teardrop-shaped Japanese Hubbard type squash. Its easy to grow and boasts a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri will easily set around four 1.5kg fruits per semi trailing plant. The hardy, drought-tolerant plants…

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  6. Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Delicious acorn squash for baking, with sweet yellow flesh. Black-green thick skin with distinctive ribbing. Bears 5-6 fruits per plant.

    Delivery within 7 days Packet Content 10 seeds
  7. Pumpkin Seeds - Justynka

    Pumpkin Seeds - Justynka

    A trailing pumpkin producing a good crop of bright orange, medium-sized, deliciously flavoured pumpkins ideal for mini-Halloween carvings or cooking.

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  8. Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    Pumpkin Seeds - Mammoth

    An orange-skinned pumpkin with yellow flesh, which gardeners have grown to a weight of over 50kg. Recommended for exhibition. This variety has been trialled, tested and recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural…

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  9. Squash Plants - Kabocha

    Squash Plants - Kabocha

    Origin: Japan. You won't be able to resist a Kabocha squash (Japanese winter pumpkin), not only because of their cute size (immediately you'll want to make little soup bowls out of their rinds), but also because they are…

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  10. Pumpkin Plants - Atlantic Giant

    Pumpkin Plants - Atlantic Giant

    …one, regularly producing monsters up to and over 300kg. If you want to win the local pumpkin growing competition or just grow a huge one for halloween then this is the one to grow. To grow really big pumpkins

    Despatch from May 2020 3 Super Plugs
  11. Vegan Gift Hamper

    Vegan Gift Hamper

    …Al Rosemary & Garlic Olives 100g, Yorkshire Natural Sea Salt Crisps 50g, Mr McKenzie's Oval Plain Biscuits 150g, Cambrook Salted Peanuts 45g, Mr.Filbert's Tumeric & Black Pepper Pumpkin Seeds 50g, Nibnibs…

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  12. Pumpkin Plants - F1 Windsor

    Pumpkin Plants - F1 Windsor

    Unlike traditional pumpkins, Windsor won't go sprawling across your garden! Its compact habit makes it ideal for containers, and it will keep you supplied with tasty 15cm (6") diameter fruits throughout the season.You don't…

    Despatch from May 2020 3 Super Plugs
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  13. Pumpkin Seeds - Rouge Vif d'Etampes

    Pumpkin Seeds - Rouge Vif d'Etampes

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