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Purple Carrot

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  1. Carrot Seeds - Purple Sun F1

    Carrot Seeds - Purple Sun F1

    Unlike other purple carrots, this one boasts a striking strong purple colour from skin to core . . . which means its absolutely packed with vitamins and antioxidants! The tasty roots are highly pointed at the…

    Average Seeds 180
  2. Carrot (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Mix

    Carrot (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Mix

    A colourful mix of maincrop carrots. White, purple and yellow varieties, mixed to sow and harvest together. Carrots are high in vitamin A.

    Average Packet Content 475 seeds
  3. Flowering Carrot Seed - Dara

    Flowering Carrot Seed - Dara

    Commonly known as Queen Annes Lace, Dara produces a delicately attractive plant that will re-bloom for months, giving you attractive flowers which will open white, change to soft pink and finally change to rich red/purple. Sow…

    Average Seeds 40
Showing 3 product(s)