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Purple Clematis

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  1. Clematis Plant - Arabella

    Clematis Plant - Arabella

    Clematis 'Arabella' is a non-clinging variety of clematis, with 6 narrow petals of a purple-blue on the flowers. Growth is to about 2 metres with support, great as a patio container plant, but just as happy in the…

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  2. Clematis Plant - Honora

    Clematis Plant - Honora

    Clematis 'Honora' has a large rich purple, 6-petalled, star-shaped flower with a pinky-red stripe along the centre of each petal. Blooms in mid summer to early autumn on a rambling climber, great for a pergola or…

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  3. Clematis Plant - Mikelite

    Clematis Plant - Mikelite

    Clematis 'Mikelite' is an Estonian cultivar from the Viticella Group. It is best planted in full sun and requires pruning for the best display (pruning group 3). With light green foliage and plum purple-red flowers it is…

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  4. Clematis Plant - Prince Charles

    Clematis Plant - Prince Charles

    Clematis 'Prince Charles' has large pale purple flowers with green fluffy stamens, and ribbed petals borne on the woody stems from midsummer into autumn. Grow in a container, into a trellis, or a pergola. Flowers…

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  5. Clematis Plant - Luther Burbank

    Clematis Plant - Luther Burbank

    Clematis 'Luther Burbank' has dark green leaves and this deciduous, perennial climber produces large, deep purple flowers from mid summer to early autumn. Flowers July-September. Height 250-300cm. Supplied in a 3-4…

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  6. Clematis Plant - The President

    Clematis Plant - The President

    Clematis 'The President' is an early large-flowered clematis with a long flowering period, producing impressive purple-blue flowers from late spring to early autumn. It is a compact plant ideal for training over an…

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  7. Clematis Plant - General Sikorski Save 6%

    Clematis Plant - General Sikorski

    Clematis 'General Sikorski' has large, blowsy purple-blue flowers and typically grows to heights of 3m. Blooms from June to September, happy in container, or border, sun or semi-shade, Clematis 'General Sikorski' is…

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