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Rainbow Veg

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  1. Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    Carrot Seeds - Rainbow Mixed

    …look of it! Row 2m (6'). 90 days from sowing to harvest to help with your selection (this is based on Toby's trials and may vary).Simon says: "Rainbow carrots are one of our staple menu items and we are growing…

    Average Seeds 500
  2. Leaf Beet (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Chard

    Leaf Beet (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Chard

    White, red, pink and yellow stems and savoyed green leaves. A good addition to salads as a baby leaf or can be left to mature for cooking.

    Average Packet Content 100 seeds
  3. Carrot (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Mix

    Carrot (Organic) Seeds - Rainbow Mix

    A colourful mix of maincrop carrots. White, purple and yellow varieties, mixed to sow and harvest together. Carrots are high in vitamin A.

    Average Packet Content 475 seeds
Showing 3 product(s)