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  1. Turnip Seeds - Model White

    Turnip Seeds - Model White

    A fine pure white round variety, very juicy and sweet. The best and most popular for general purposes.

    Average Seeds 1200
  2. Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Richi F1

    Chinese Cabbage Seeds - Richi F1

    An excellent short barrel type with rich green outer leaves and a beautifully structured yellow heart.Simon says: Another not used as much as it should be cabbage, great flavour and yield, we like to serve it grilled with…

    Average Seeds 95
  3. Turnip Seeds - Golden Ball

    Turnip Seeds - Golden Ball

    A round, deep yellow variety. Juicy, sweet and an excellent keeper.

    Average Seeds 1600
  4. Turnip Seeds - Armand

    Turnip Seeds - Armand

    A late maturing variety that peforms magnificently under cold conditions. The attractive purple-and-white globe-shaped roots can be harvested from November to March.

    Average Seeds 950
  5. Turnip Seeds - Aramis

    Turnip Seeds - Aramis

    Distinctively coloured, uniform in shape, and deliciously nutty flavoured, Aramis can be pulled early for salads or for cooking whole without peeling, but will stand for weeks in the garden without getting tough.

    Average Seeds 550
  6. Turnip Seeds - Tokyo Cross F1

    Turnip Seeds - Tokyo Cross F1

    Delicious pure white, round roots. Harvest at 'ping pong' ball size for best flavour. The tops may also be used for stir-fry or boiling. Row 3m (10'). RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. With our mini-vegetables even the smallest…

    Average Seeds 400
  7. Pak Choi Seeds - Rubi F1

    Pak Choi Seeds - Rubi F1

    A real hit with gardeners at every show we attend. The colour is unbelievable. If you have never grown Pak Choi, this is the one to start with! Attractive purplish-red leaves with a contrasting green underside, which can be picked…

    Average Seeds 150
  8. Pak Choi Chu Choi F1 Seeds

    Pak Choi Chu Choi F1 Seeds

    Equally attractive in its way to Rubi, with deep green leaves and contrasting white stems. Use the leaves in salads and the leaves and stems in stir fry dishes. Also good harvested as baby leaves. A slow to bolt selection.

    Average Seeds 70
Showing 8 product(s)