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Red Kidney Beans

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  1. Runner Bean Seeds - Firestorm

    Runner Bean Seeds - Firestorm

    An innovative red-flowered variety which sets huge quantities of delicious, high quality 25cm (10") long pods of exceptional flavour.Toby's Tip: This new type has a degree of self pollination which means they crop better early and…

    Average Seeds 30
  2. Runner Bean Seeds - Tenderstar

    Runner Bean Seeds - Tenderstar

    Tenderstar has to be tasted to be believed its flavour and tenderness are exceptional. Plants bear a profusion of attractive pink-and-red blooms, and masses of 18-20cm (7-8) long pods are freely produced throughout the summer…

    Average Seeds 30
  3. Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Borlotto Firetongue

    Dwarf French Bean Seeds - Borlotto Firetongue

    An Italian speciality, used extensively in Minestrone soups or as dried shelled seeds (haricots) in a wide range of dishes. The flat pods are attractively red mottled, as are the large tasty seeds. Pick when young as a…

    Average Seeds 100
  4. Runner Bean Seeds - St George

    Runner Bean Seeds - St George

    The heaviest-cropping runner bean in recent RHS trials, providing a bountiful harvest of fine-flavoured, semi-stringless beans. The attractive bi-coloured red-and-white flowers are an added bonus! RHS Award of Garden…

    Average Seeds 35
  5. Runner Bean Seeds - Super Mix

    Runner Bean Seeds - Super Mix

    …runner bean varieties, producing masses of long, tasty pods all summer whatever the weather. And the mix of flower colours makes them extremely ornamental!" Mix includes the following varieties (1 packet of each)…

    Average Seeds 40
Showing 5 product(s)