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  1. Rhubarb Crowns - Taster's Collection

    Rhubarb Crowns - Taster's Collection

    …and so versatile! Right now rhubarb is incredibly popular in British homes and kitchens. Rhubarb is versatile - you can use it to make puddings, jams and even as an accompaniment to meat and fish dishes. But…

    Despatch from November 2018 3 Crowns (1 of each variety)
  2. Rhubarb Crowns - Polish Raspberry

    Rhubarb Crowns - Polish Raspberry

    Quite possibly the best-tasting rhubarb we have ever trialled! This outstanding variety produces good crops of strong green stems that are washed with red and taste divine. Crowns - With crowns you should always allow them…

    Despatch from November 2018 3 Crowns
  3. Rhubarb Crowns Grooveless Crimson (3)

    Rhubarb Crowns Grooveless Crimson (3)

    This compact rhubarb produces a bountiful supply of tall, uniform, fully coloured, bright red stems. Rhubarb 'Giant Grooveless Crimson' has a flavour that is less acidic than many cultivars making it perfect for…

    Despatch from November 2018
  4. Rhubarb Forcer

    Rhubarb Forcer

    This attractive replica rhubarb forcer will encourage early growth of tender, pink sweet flavoured stems. Made from sturdy terracotta coloured UV stabilised plastic, it is both lightweight and durable, so won't crack or…

    Delivery within 7 days Rhubarb Forcer
  5. Rhubarb Crowns - Victoria

    Rhubarb Crowns - Victoria

    An easy-to-grow old favourite. Ideal for beginners as it requires so little attention! Perfect for that rhubarb crumble and custard with the rhubarb picked straight from the garden! The greenish-pink coloured stems…

    Despatch from November 2018 3 Crowns
  6. Spinach Beet Seeds - Rhubarb Chard

    Spinach Beet Seeds - Rhubarb Chard

    Delivery within 7 days Average Seeds 100
  7. Home Fragrance Gift Box - Rhubarb & Raspberry Save 17%

    Home Fragrance Gift Box - Rhubarb & Raspberry

    A deliciously fruity fragrance, evocative of summer gardens. Set of three natural plant wax candle votives and alcohol-free room diffuser 50ml. (Please note: Never leave burning candles unattended.)

    Delivery within 7 days Home Fragrance Gift Box
    £22.99 Was £27.99
  8. Relax & Renew Gardener's Tin Save 23%

    Relax & Renew Gardener's Tin

    For the hardworking gardener, four products supplied in a sturdy tin; shea butter hand cream with spearmint oils 50ml, eucalyptus bath soak 100ml, invigorating muscle soak 35g and rhubarb infused hand salve 50ml. Supplied…

    Delivery within 7 days Gardener's Tin
    £12.99 Was £16.99
  9. Hedgerow Hand Care Set

    Hedgerow Hand Care Set

    Exfoliating hand wash 300ml and hand lotion 300ml supplied in a decorative and sturdy re-usable tin. Blended with cocoa butter, almond oil and evening primrose oil to hydrate and soothe green fingers. Fragranced with herby notes…

    Delivery within 7 days Hand Care Set
  10. Nemesia Plants - Aroma Rhubarb & Custard

    Nemesia Plants - Aroma Rhubarb & Custard

    A new British bred nemesia with a thoroughly British name and bound to be a favourite with foodies - Rhubarb and Custard! The scent is quite intoxicating and with its unique colours of magenta and orangey/yellow this…

    Despatch from July 2019 3 x 9cm Potted Plants
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 10 product(s)