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Rockery Plant Seeds

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  1. Aubrieta Seeds - Spring Charm Mixed

    Aubrieta Seeds - Spring Charm Mixed

    Perfect for perennial borders, rockeries or tumbling over a garden wall. This large flowered trailing strain comes in flower shades of lavender, lilac, rose and carmine. Lovely in combination with the yellow of alyssum…

    Average Seeds 650
  2. Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Toby says: "A native South African plant bearing glistening white, daisy-like flowers. The robust, drought-tolerant plants are ideal for borders, rockeries and dry stone walls." Flowers June-September. Height…

    Average Seeds 85
  3. Nemesia Seeds - Dobies Heaven Scent

    Nemesia Seeds - Dobies Heaven Scent

    …bi-coloured variety producing compact, bushy plants with larger flowers than other varieties grown from seed. Performs as well as vegetatively grown varieties. Super sweet sent from flowers all summer long.…

    Average Seeds 100
Showing 3 product(s)