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Romaine Lettuce

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  1. Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    Lettuce Seeds - Crisp Mint Romaine

    This lettuce is one of the prettiest romaine style ones you can get. It forms compact, stately plants which are great for any salad. Crisp Mint, so called because of the colour of its leaves, can be cut even in hot…

    Average Seeds 500
  2. Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous

    Lettuce Plants - OutREDgeous

    …harvested and eaten in space, Lettuce Outredgeous is so easy to grow that it's out of this world! We've been struggling not to burst with excitement over this lettuce since the day we heard about it and now…

    22 Value Plugs
Showing 2 product(s)