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Savoy Cabbage Seeds

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  1. Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

    Cabbage Savoy (Organic) Seeds - Vertus

    An Ormskirk type with the ability to stand severe frosts. An excellent green vegetable when little else is available. Sow May-June plant 60cm apart harvest Dec-Feb. Try lightly braised in butter with a twist of freshly ground…

    Average Packet Content 190 seeds
  2. Savoy Cabbage Seeds - d'Aubervilliers

    Savoy Cabbage Seeds - d'Aubervilliers

    …in the Town of Aubervilliers near Paris, which is famous for its fertile fields and fantastic vegetables. The beautifully crinkly savoy style cabbage is very tender with a mild taste, it also resists bolting…

    Average Seeds 200
  3. Cabbage Savoy Seeds - January King 3

    Cabbage Savoy Seeds - January King 3

    Average Seeds 1350 - Triple Pack
  4. Cabbage Seeds - Rigoleto F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Rigoleto F1

    A true savoy! Able to survive winter temperatures as low as -20C, this extremely hardy cabbage produces dark blue-green heads of tasty leaves. A good alternative to the popular variety Chirimen. Savoy Average Seeds 50

Showing 7 product(s)