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Seaweed Meal

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  1. Chase Organics Seaweed Meal

    Chase Organics Seaweed Meal

    Hand-harvested from the Atlantic coast of Ireland then dried and milled with no added ingredients. A slow-release fertiliser and soil conditioner, rich in trace elements and amino acids. Regular dressings stimulate microbial…

    Despatch from 19/02/2020 5kg
  2. RHS Bulb Starter - 500g

    RHS Bulb Starter - 500g

    …for bulbs to germinate, grow and flower. Designed around Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, it includes vermiculite for drainage in the root zone, seaweed meal to stimulate root development, and humates to encourage…

  3. Moorland Gold Grow-Big Save 8%

    Moorland Gold Grow-Big

    Organic grow bags made from Moorland Gold (peat particles reclaimed from reservoir dredging), seaweed meal and organic fertiliser to ensure a good, strong crop. 2 bags containing 30 litres of compost, they have good…

    30 Litre Grow-Bag x 2
    From £23.73 Was £25.98
  4. RHS SylvaGrow Organic Save 5%

    RHS SylvaGrow Organic

    …and coir and is based on a formula used by professional organic growers throughout the UK. It contains balanced organic fertilisers and seaweed meal for excellent vigour and disease resistance. Sustainable…

    Despatch from 19/02/2020 50 Litre
    £16.14 Was £16.99
Showing 4 product(s)