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  1. Perfect By Ponds Mix Seeds

    Perfect By Ponds Mix Seeds

    A seed mix perfect for creating an aquatic mini-habitat which contains water-edge and some semi-aquatic species. The foliage becomes a haven for amphibians, birds and some small mammals. The mix also contains butterfly and…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  2. Achillea Seeds - Ptarmica Noblessa

    Achillea Seeds - Ptarmica Noblessa

    A beautiful first year flowering perennial, bearing masses of double, white, globe-shaped flowers from mid-late summer. Ideal for borders, it also makes a superb bedding plant! Height 30cm (12"). HP - Hardy perennial.

    Average Seeds 90
  3. Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber Seeds - Marketmore

    A reliable and heavy-cropping cucumber producing a tasty harvest of dark green, cylindrical fruits from July onwards. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Outdoor variety.Rob says: Once you see the tiny cucumbers on the plant, water…

    Average Seeds 25
  4. Broad Bean Seeds - Karmazyn

    Broad Bean Seeds - Karmazyn

    Colourful pink/rose seeds characterise this improved heritage broad bean. Compact plants produce small, upright, easy-to-pick growing pods in profusion. On our trials, visitors loved the taste of this heavy-cropping variety…

    Average Seeds 40
  5. Cat Grass Seeds

    Cat Grass Seeds

    Why cats love this tasty oat grass is not certain but love it they do! Be it for vitamins, fibre, to assist in fur ball elimination or whether its just a craving, they adore chewing on the young shoots. Easy to grow in a tray…

    Average Seeds 700
  6. Runner Bean Seeds - Tenderstar

    Runner Bean Seeds - Tenderstar

    Tenderstar has to be tasted to be believed its flavour and tenderness are exceptional. Plants bear a profusion of attractive pink-and-red blooms, and masses of 18-20cm (7-8) long pods are freely produced throughout the summer…

    Average Seeds 30
  7. Cosmos Seeds - Velouette

    Cosmos Seeds - Velouette

    Eye-catching red and white striped flowers with large, ethereal blooms. 'Veloutte' looks stunning when planted en-mass as a super-sized bedding plant. Perfect to fill a large space with minimal plants. Flowers July-October. Height…

    Average Seeds 50
  8. Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Salvia Seeds - Mojave

    Unlike existing types,Mojave has a dwarf somewhat spreading habit and the flower production is such that the plants become covered in bloom. The bright red blooms contrast well with the dark green foliage. The rate of flower…

    Average Seeds 35
  9. Seed Potatoes - Jazzy 1kg

    Seed Potatoes - Jazzy 1kg

    …suitable for steaming, boiling, crushing and even roasting. RHS Award of Garder Merit winner. Salad type.Quality Control - following inspection our seed potatoes receive a certification number (see bag label). They…

    1 kg
  10. Cosmos Seeds - Early Flowering Sensation Mixed

    Cosmos Seeds - Early Flowering Sensation Mixed

    The real space filler. Large, bushy plants which become smothered in bloom in the height of summer. Large flowers, which like other cosmos are a great attraction to butterflies. Cosmos has few equals as a space filler for larger…

    Average Seeds 150
  11. Marigold (French) Seeds - Boy 0'Boy Mixed

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Boy 0'Boy Mixed

    Simply the best dwarf, fully double marigold. This really is an appropriate name for such a stunning variety. Large double heads over 5cm (2) in diameter. Impressive grown as an edging or in drifts. Height 13cm (5); spread 15-20cm…

    Average Seeds 160
    From £2.99
  12. Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

    Woodland Garden Mix Seeds

    The Woodland Garden Mix contains 30 native species of wildflower including familiar favourites such as bluebell and ramsons. Designed to include species that will thrive in woodland-type areas. A mix of perennial, biennial and…

    1000 seeds
  13. Wooden Compost Bin System Duvet

    Wooden Compost Bin System Duvet

    …insulated cover helps the top layer of fresh compost material to retain its high temperature speeding the composting process and killing weed seeds. Eyelets are incorporated to secure the duvet with twine. Ideal for…

    From £22.99
  14. Tiger Nuts Seeds

    Tiger Nuts Seeds

    The perfect nutritional punch of traditional nuts without the nut! An easy to grow grass that produces masses of intently sweet tubers (not actual nuts). Bigger than peanuts, tasting like almonds and coconut, tiger nuts are a…

    20 Seeds
  15. Carrot Seeds - Oxheart

    Carrot Seeds - Oxheart

    An old french variety sometimes known as Guerande and originally grown in the neighbourhood of Nantes. A snub nosed variety, which will grow well in containers or shallow soil. The roots can be 10-13cm (4-5) wide at the shoulder,…

    Average Seeds 200
  16. Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    …tomato which performed remarkably in our trials, producing large fruit up to 0.4 kg (14 oz) in weight! The pink flesh is delicious and contains few seeds, making it perfect for salads or frying.(Cordon variety - one…

    Average Seeds 40
  17. Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    This excellent early maturing watermelon produces 3-4kg (7-9 lb) dark green fruits with sweet, juicy, succulent, dark pinkish-red flesh. Tolerant to mildew, fusarium and anthracnose.

    6 Seeds
  18. Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    Sunflower Seeds - Big Smile

    …little as 60 days, this attractive dwarf variety is ideal for pots and border growing. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Grown in a pot the height is liable to be around 38cm (15"); in the garden up to 60cm (24"). Easy to grow.…

    Average Seeds 25
  19. Rocket Seeds - Wild

    Rocket Seeds - Wild

    The original wild variety, ideal for salads or cooking, producing a good supply of strong-flavoured leaves in as little as six weeks from sowing.

    Average seeds 670
  20. Rudbeckia Seeds - Purpurea Bravado

    Rudbeckia Seeds - Purpurea Bravado

    This lovely variety has two things going for it over the standard purpurea type. Firstly it is larger flowered, and secondly, unlike the normal purpurea, the petals are upward facing the effect of which is to show more of the…

    Average Seeds 55
  21. Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    Bacopa Seeds - Blutopia

    At last, a Bacopa from seed! This filler plant is the ideal foil for larger-flowered items, and a good hardy alternative to trailing lobelia, with a cascading/trailing growth habit and masses of mauvish-blue flowers all…

    20 Pellets
  22. Parsnip Seeds - Gladiator F1

    Parsnip Seeds - Gladiator F1

    Long tapering, wedge-shaped roots with smooth white skin. Good canker resistance. Ideal for both the table and exhibition use. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    Average Seeds 350
  23. Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    Mesembryanthemum Seeds - Criniflorum

    A rainbow of spectacular colour in the sun. Unequalled for sheer brilliance of colour in dry and sunny positions! The little plants have swollen, succulent stems that absorb water to help them through dry periods and the flowers…

    Average Seeds 1650
  24. Pepper Chilli Seeds - Cayennetta F1

    Pepper Chilli Seeds - Cayennetta F1

    A chilli pepper with great ornamental value. It's very vigorous and is ideal for containers, window boxes or baskets, cropping throughout summer. Scoville heat rating approximately 20,000SHU.

    8 seeds
  25. Mushroom Grain Spawn - Button

    Mushroom Grain Spawn - Button

    Grow your own at a fraction of the cost of buying them at the supermarket! They can be grown in any well-ventilated place - eg. greenhouses, garden frames, sheds or cellars - in an air temperature of 10-18C (50-65F). A suitable…

    100g Pack
    From £9.99
  26. Sunflower Seeds - Titan

    Sunflower Seeds - Titan

    …[2'] in diameter). You will need a sunny, sheltered site for best results. Produces edible seeds in abundance and is a great way to help wildlife as it is a great source of food for the birds once the flower goes to…

    20 Seeds
  27. Lettuce Seeds - Buttercrunch

    Lettuce Seeds - Buttercrunch

    As the name implies, a butterhead type with a degree of crispness to the leaves. Small dark green heads with a central heart of creamy yellow. Keeps well. Sow March-July. Row 15m (50'). Summer butterhead variety. Maturing time…

    Average Seeds 1550
  28. Melon Seeds - Edgar F1

    Melon Seeds - Edgar F1

    Professional seed used by commercial melon growers, vigorous plants which produce fruit early in the season.Naturally resistant to powdery mildew and aphids. These plants are very adaptable and will grow well in a…

    6 seeds
  29. Pepper Seeds - Mohawk F1

    Pepper Seeds - Mohawk F1

    A naturally dwarf, semi-trailing variety, producing a good crop of small, blocky, tasty fruit. Perfect for containers on a sunny patio, or even on a well lit windowsill.

    8 Seeds
  30. Leaf Beet Seeds - Bright Lights

    Leaf Beet Seeds - Bright Lights

    The most attractive of all leaf beets. Easy to grow, very vigorous, and in a variety of bright colours. Use as a salad garnish or cooked.Add colour and interest to the garden, with its multi-coloured stems, but it also looks great…

    Average Seeds 100
  31. Antirrhinum Seeds - Day and Night

    Antirrhinum Seeds - Day and Night

    Sometimes a variety just stands out from the crowd and this special antirrhinum did just that when first viewed in a trial field in Holland. The unique blooms of deep crimson on a contrasting white base, are borne on long flower…

    Average Seeds 950
  32. Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    Poppy Seeds - Rhoeas

    The beautiful and iconic Field Poppy is much in demand at the moment - 100 years since the start of the 1st World War. This short-lived perennial will seed itself to provide displays from year to year. Height 30-60cm (12-24…

    Average Seeds 2800
  33. Verbascum Seeds - Snowy Spires

    Verbascum Seeds - Snowy Spires

    …the most magical thing about this plant is the magenta coloured, fuzzy centre to each flower. As you wander through the garden you'll notice that 'Snowy Spires' is a true bee magnet, perfect for any garden or container and…

    Packet Content 50 seeds (Pelleted)
  34. Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    Tomato (Organic) Seeds - Alicante

    An early cropper with uniform fruits of good flavour. Good resistance to mildew and greenback.

    Average Packet Content 40 seeds
  35. Tomato Seeds - Hundreds and Thousands

    Tomato Seeds - Hundreds and Thousands

    Perfect for baskets, window boxes or raised patio containers, the vigorous, easy-to-grow, cascading plants live up to their name, producing literally thousands of sweet, juicy, bite-sized tomatoes throughout the whole summer.…

    8 Seeds
  36. Pretty Perennials Mix Seeds

    Pretty Perennials Mix Seeds

    Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.An excellent general purpose mixture containing over 25 native species of wildflower of…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  37. Salvia patens Seeds

    Salvia patens Seeds

    "There is no other flower that can be grown from seed with a more 'true blue' colour to the blooms on erect stems. Flowering for an incredible 5 months if given full sun, this plant is a half hardy perennial, meaning it…

    20 Seeds
  38. Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Portulaca Seeds - Tapas

    Exotic-looking plants with succulent, light green leaves and large double and semi-double flowers in a range of intense colours. The creeping plants make superb ground cover. Height 15cm (6"). HHA - Half-hardy annual.

    Average Seeds 950
  39. In The Shade Mix Seeds

    In The Shade Mix Seeds

    Our Native British Wildflowers range has been developed from research conducted by Butterfly Conservation, BBKA, RSPB and the Woodland Trust.This Shady Area Mix contains species that are suited to darker areas but still receive…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  40. Country Hedgerow Mix Seeds

    Country Hedgerow Mix Seeds

    This mix contains over 20 native species of wildflower including species that thrive in dry soils. The varieties are suited to semi-shaded areas. Will also attract a variety of butterflies and other pollinating insects. Suitable…

    Average Packet Content 1000 seeds
  41. Petunia Seeds - Dobies Superb Trailing Mixed

    Petunia Seeds - Dobies Superb Trailing Mixed

    An impressive trailing mixture from seed to rival the famous Surfinia cutting raised varieties. Excellent colour range on trailing foliage. Plants are quick to flower as the shoots begin to extend. A great choice for…

    15 Seeds
  42. Sow & Grow 12 Jiffy Windowsill Propagator Save 30%

    Sow & Grow 12 Jiffy Windowsill Propagator

    Each propagator contains 12 expanding Jiffy 7 pellets, waterproof tray and propagator lid. Ideal for seeds or cutting.

    Pack of 5
    £6.99 Was £9.99
  43. Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    The Cobnut type squash is now one of our top selling vegetables, courtesy of exposure in the supermarkets and TV Chef recipes. Up until now though trailing plant habits have required considerable room in the garden. Enter a…

    8 Seeds
  44. Alfalfa seeds

    Alfalfa seeds

    Crisp, sweet flavoured seedlings, reminiscent of fresh green peas. Eat raw in salads, in sandwiches, or stir-fries. 15g (0.53oz) of seed yields about 170g (6oz) of salad. Harvest when sprouts are about 2.5cm (1") long. …

    Average Seeds 45000
  45. Seed Potatoes - Winston 1kg

    Seed Potatoes - Winston 1kg

    …tubers; drought resistance. Colour - cream. Shape - oval. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. First Early.Quality Control - following inspection our seed potatoes receive a certification number (see bag label). They…

  46. Sweet Pea Seeds - Cupani

    Sweet Pea Seeds - Cupani

    Introduced to Britain as long ago as 1699 by a monk - Brother Cupani - who even then must have known a thing or two about flowers as even today, this lovely item is still extremely popular. Why? Well mostly because this lovely…

    Average Seeds 30
  47. Rudbeckia Seeds - Rustic Dwarfs

    Rudbeckia Seeds - Rustic Dwarfs

    This well known, popular variety has been around a while now, but it is certainly standing the test of time. Large single or semi-double blooms in a host of autumnal shades. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 50-60cm (20-24").…

    Average Seeds 430
  48. Vintage Tomato Planter Save 33%

    Vintage Tomato Planter

    …planters are ideal for deck, patio and balcony gardening. Just fill them with potting compost at the start of the season, and add your plants or seeds. They have rugged, reinforced seams for added strength, carry…

    1 Planter
    From £9.99 Was £14.99
  49. Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Nicotiana Seeds - Affinis

    Tall, graceful plants with large, white, tubular flowers. Utter perfumed bliss on a summer evening around the patio. RHS Perfect For Pollinators. Height 75cm (2'). HHA - Half-hardy annual. (Affinis - Sweet-scented Tobacco).

    Average Seeds 1700
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