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  1. Onion Sets - Sturon

    Onion Sets - Sturon

    A well known and flavoursome variety which produces round, straw-coloured, medium-sized onions just right for the…

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g Pack
  2. Onion Sets - Electric

    Onion Sets - Electric

    Produces outstanding quality, shiny, deep red semi-globe-shaped onions with excellent flavoured pink tinged flesh. Ideal…

    Despatch from 28/09/2018 250g
  3. Onion Sets - Stuttgarter

    Onion Sets - Stuttgarter

    A British favourite which can be planted earlier than normal varieties. Well known for its sweet, mild taste. Stores…

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g
  4. Onion Sets - Hysky

    Onion Sets - Hysky

    Strong against fusarium. For long storage. Early, round and hard onion. Suitable for all soil types. Harvest September…

    Despatch from 15/03/2019 250g Pack
  5. Onion Sets - Red Ray

    Onion Sets - Red Ray

    …its strong root system this variety is very productive and is suitable for long term storage. Heat prepared…

    Despatch from 15/03/2019 250g Pack
  6. Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    Onion Sets - Senshyu Yellow

    An extremely popular Japanese over-wintering onion, reliably producing a heavy crop of semi-globe-shaped, straw-coloured…

    Despatch from 28/09/2018 250g Pack
  7. Onion Sets - F1 Centurion

    Onion Sets - F1 Centurion

    This first-rate onion is strong growing and will produce a heavy, early maturing crop, even in our indifferent British…

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g Pack
  8. Onion Sets - Triple Pack

    Onion Sets - Triple Pack

    Onions are one of our most invaluable vegetables and also one of civilisation's oldest medicines. They can help lower…

    Despatch from September 2018 3 x 250g Packs (1 pack of each variety)
  9. Onion Sets - Autumn Champion

    Onion Sets - Autumn Champion

    This superb onion matures from late July and stores well until the end of the year. Whilst mildish in flavour it's a…

    Despatch from 28/09/2018 250g
  10. Onion Sets - Red Arrow

    Onion Sets - Red Arrow

    Produces a very early crop of round, mild-flavoured bulbs.

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g
  11. Onion Sets - French Pink

    Onion Sets - French Pink

    A traditional rosy-coloured French market variety. It has a fruity and sweet taste, with a slight sharpness. After…

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g Pack
  12. Bottle Set Save 61%

    Bottle Set

    Set of two clip lid bottles supplied in a handy storage caddy.

    Delivery within 7 days Set of Two
    £4.99 Was £12.99
  13. Bali Set

    Bali Set

    Ten piece set Manufactured from quality FSC hardwood Rectangular 1.8m table extends to 2.1m Six folding chairs…

    Delivery within 21 days Table, Chairs, Parasol
  14. Wild Fig Pamper Set

    Wild Fig Pamper Set

    A classic sweet fig fragrance. Gift box set containing a deeply nourishing and hydrating hand cream made with…

    Delivery within 7 days Pamper Set
  15. Garden Mini Set Save 22%

    Garden Mini Set

    Miniature metal garden furniture sets to adorn a planter. Assorted designs, one will be selected at random.

    Delivery within 7 days Garden Mini Set
    £6.99 Was £8.99
  16. Fungi Tray Set Save 17%

    Fungi Tray Set

    Set of two bamboo fibre trays, 18.4 x 35.5cm.

    Delivery within 7 days Set of 2 Trays
    From £13.99 Was £16.99
  17. Kilner Juicer Set

    Kilner Juicer Set

    …the juicer jar set from Kilner. The set includes a 0.5L Kilner jar with iconic clip top lid, ideal…

    Delivery within 7 days Gift Box
  18. Gift Wrap Set Save 20%

    Gift Wrap Set

    Four assorted rolls of gift wrap supplied with six bows and two ribbon spools. Please note one set will be chosen…

    Delivery within 14-21 days Gift Wrap Set
    £7.99 Was £9.99
  19. Richmond Dining Set

    Richmond Dining Set

    …contemporary dining set which looks good indoors as well as outdoors. It comes complete with six dining…

    Delivery within 21 days Table & 6 Chairs
  20. Kilner Lemonade Set

    Kilner Lemonade Set

    This 7 piece lemonade set contains a recipe booklet to help get you started or use your own imagination to serve…

    Delivery within 7 days Gift Box
Showing 311 product(s)
Page 1 of 16