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  1. Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa (4-6 adult capacity)

    Palm Springs Lay-Z-Spa (4-6 adult capacity)

    Soothing all surrounding 120 Airjet system. Inflated walls made of Tritech material, providing ultimate durability and comfort with a soft, insulated floor. Automatic start/stop timer-controlled rapid heating system that saves…

    Spa - Palm Springs
  2. Spa Starter Set

    Spa Starter Set

    This 6 piece water treatment kit contains all the items required to test, look after and maintain the quality of your water: 500g Chlorine Granules, 500g pH Plus, 500ml Foam Remover, 700g pH Minus, 25 Test Strips and a handy Starter Set

  3. Spa Soap Gift Box

    Spa Soap Gift Box

    The Spa gift box contains a pumice stone from volcanic rock, an olive wood soap dish and 3 bars: Emma's Organic Shea Butter 'Lavender Rose', Organic Cocoa Butter 'Vanilla & Orange' and Rosehip 'Calming & Cleansing'…

    Gift Box
  4. Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa

    Helsinki Lay-Z-Spa

    The Helsinki's freeze shield winterising system will allow you to enjoy your spa all year round! The inflated walls are made of a drop stitch material, providing unparalleled strength and durability along with a soft,…

    Spa - Helsinki
Showing 4 product(s)