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Spinach Plant

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  1. Swiss Chard Plants - Perpetual Spinach

    Swiss Chard Plants - Perpetual Spinach

    One of the most useful vegetables, which can be picked continuously through to autumn. Cook leaves and stems like spinach. Useful on dry soil, where true spinach runs to seed. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.You don…

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  2. Spinach Tree Plants - Spinach

    Spinach Tree Plants - Spinach

    …grow, colourful alternative to spinach. Tree spinach has bright magenta, almost sparkly growing tips. Plants can grow up to 2m tall, hence the name 'Tree' spinach. Young leaves can be used fresh…

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  3. Chard Seeds - Barese

    Chard Seeds - Barese

    …tender baby greens, much like pak choi. It also forms an impressive mature plant, with attractive, slightly curled leaves. For pak choi style plants, space plants approximately 15-25cm (6-10") apart.…

    Average Seeds 200
  4. Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    Corn Salad Seeds - Large Leaved

    An easily grown salad item for use in summer, autumn and into the winter. Use as a 'baby' leaf or pick leaves off the plants as required. A useful lettuce-like salad, very popular in Europe. Pull the leaves as required, as…

    Average Seeds 480
Showing 4 product(s)