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Spring Planting Onion Sets

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  1. Onion Sets - Sturon

    Onion Sets - Sturon

    A well known and flavoursome variety which produces round, straw-coloured, medium-sized onions just right for the kitchen. Being quite thin-necked they keep extremely well through the winter, remaining in good condition…

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g Pack
  2. Onion Sets - Red Arrow

    Onion Sets - Red Arrow

    Produces a very early crop of round, mild-flavoured bulbs.

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g
  3. Onion Sets - Stuttgarter

    Onion Sets - Stuttgarter

    A British favourite which can be planted earlier than normal varieties. Well known for its sweet, mild taste. Stores very well.

    Despatch from 11/01/2019 250g
  4. Onion Sets - Red Ray

    Onion Sets - Red Ray

    …root system this variety is very productive and is suitable for long term storage. Heat prepared onion sets.Why buy heat treated onion sets? - It's frustrating when your beautifully forming onions<…

    Despatch from 15/03/2019 250g Pack
  5. Onion Sets - Hysky

    Onion Sets - Hysky

    Strong against fusarium. For long storage. Early, round and hard onion. Suitable for all soil types. Harvest September-October.

    Despatch from 15/03/2019 250g Pack
  6. Bumper Autumn Planting Collection - Onion/Shallot/Garlic Save 41%

    Bumper Autumn Planting Collection - Onion/Shallot/Garlic

    …varieties:Onion Set Electric - Produces outstanding quality, shiny, deep red semi-globe-shaped onions with excellent flavoured pink tinged flesh. Ideal for over wintering, plant in autumn-early winter…

    250g x 2, 500g x 2, 2 bulbs x 2
    £17.47 Was £29.94
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 6 product(s)