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Squash Plug Plants

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  1. Squash Plants - Mashed Potatoes

    Squash Plants - Mashed Potatoes

    Bush type winter squash for larger patio containers and the open ground. Acorn-type squash with white skin and almost white flesh. 450-700g fruit mainly produced at the crown of the plant. Resembles mashed…

    3 Super Plugs
  2. Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    The Cobnut type squash is now one of our top selling vegetables, courtesy of exposure in the supermarkets and TV Chef recipes. Up until now though trailing plant habits have required considerable room in the garden.…

    8 Seeds
  3. Squash Seeds - Queensland Blue

    Squash Seeds - Queensland Blue

    As the name suggests, this old Australian winter squash produces attractive, steel-blue fruit weighing 3-5kg each. The vining plants will happily cover a bed and produce several turban type squashes with deep…

    15 Seeds
  4. Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Delicious acorn squash for baking, with sweet yellow flesh. Black-green thick skin with distinctive ribbing. Bears 5-6 fruits per plant.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  5. 'Landmark' Frame - London Eye

    'Landmark' Frame - London Eye

    Sturdy, fully galvanised steel structure with high quality powder coated finish. Easy to assemble and disassemble for winter storage. Perfect for climbing beans, sweet peas, cucumbers, gourds, squashes and melons. London…

    London Eye Frame
  6. Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    A teardrop-shaped Japanese Hubbard type squash. Its easy to grow and boasts a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri will easily set around four 1.5kg fruits per semi trailing plant. The hardy, drought…

    10 Seeds
  7. Marrow/Squash Patty Pan (Organic) Seeds - Custard White

    Marrow/Squash Patty Pan (Organic) Seeds - Custard White

    'Patty Pan', flat creamy white circular fruit with a scalloped edge. Excellent flavour, very nice roasted. Bushy compact plants.

    Packet Content 12 seeds
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 7 product(s)