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Strawberry Planters

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  1. Vintage Hanging Pouches

    Vintage Hanging Pouches

    Perfect for flowers or even for tasty strawberries! Measures 22cm (8") wide x 71cm (28") high. Robustly made, for use year after year!

    Delivery within 7-14 days Pack of 3
  2. Victorian Strawberry Planter

    Victorian Strawberry Planter

    An attractive Victorian-style planter for growing 32 strawberry plants on a patio or balcony. Complete with top quality netting and support system for protecting the fruit. Once planted, will produce fruit year after…

    Delivery within 7 days Strawberry Planter
  3. Strawberry Table Top Save 7%

    Strawberry Table Top

    This clever strawberry table top supports 2 x 1m grow bags (approximately 10 plants per bag) to produce three successive crops over a three year period before plants and compost need to be replaced.It makes growing Delivery within 21 days Strawberry Table Top x 1

    £129.99 Was £139.99
  4. Rustic Metal Churn - Strawberry Design

    Rustic Metal Churn - Strawberry Design

    Add a touch of rustic charm to your home, garden or patio with these aged metal milk Churn planters. Fill with a mixture of faux stems inside or your favourite annuals to create a stunning display outside. 21cm x 24cm high.

    Delivery within 7 days Strawberry Design
  5. Tiny Tabletop Gardens

    Tiny Tabletop Gardens

    …you have with hanging lantern planters, little place name pots for a party, a tower of plants, and a beautiful chandelier with small planted glasses. The edible plants chapter has easy-to-grow delicious treats…

    Delivery within 7 days Book
  6. Triple Height Planter Save 50%

    Triple Height Planter

    Plastic planter, useful for growing a range of plants including herbs and strawberries. Includes 39cm saucer. Flower motif on the side. Three tiers simply slot together easily to form the planter. 39cm wide x…

    Herb/Strawberry Planter
    £14.99 Was £29.99
    More Info Currently Unavailable
Showing 6 product(s)