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Strawberry Planters

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  1. Victorian Strawberry Planter

    Victorian Strawberry Planter

    An attractive Victorian-style planter for growing 32 strawberry plants on a patio or balcony. Complete with top quality netting and support system for protecting the fruit. Once planted, will produce fruit year after…

    Strawberry Planter
  2. Strawberry Table Top Save 7%

    Strawberry Table Top

    This clever strawberry table top supports 2 x 1m grow bags (approximately 10 plants per bag) to produce three successive crops over a three year period before plants and compost need to be replaced.It makes growing Strawberry Table Top x 1

    £129.99 Was £139.99
  3. Three-Tier Hanging Trough Planter

    Three-Tier Hanging Trough Planter

    This handy hanging trough planter is perfect for growing strawberries! Why not use yours to grow all sorts of tumbling fruit and veg, including tasty cherry tomatoes? Why not use them indoors to grow succulents or…

    Hanging Planter
  4. Vintage Hanging Pouches

    Vintage Hanging Pouches

    Perfect for flowers or even for tasty strawberries! Measures 22cm (8") wide x 71cm (28") high. Robustly made, for use year after year!

    Pack of 3
  5. Rustic Metal Churn - Strawberry Design

    Rustic Metal Churn - Strawberry Design

    Add a touch of rustic charm to your home, garden or patio with these aged metal milk Churn planters. Fill with a mixture of faux stems inside or your favourite annuals to create a stunning display outside. 21cm x 24cm high.

    Strawberry Design
  6. Kitchen Planter Hamper Save 13%

    Kitchen Planter Hamper

    This hamper is packed into a useful kitchen herb planter and contains original strawberry whole fruit jam 113g, sweet apple chutney 105g, all-butter lemon curd 113g and an assortment of seeds. The quality metal Hamper

    £12.99 Was £14.99
  7. Tiny Tabletop Gardens

    Tiny Tabletop Gardens

    …you have with hanging lantern planters, little place name pots for a party, a tower of plants, and a beautiful chandelier with small planted glasses. The edible plants chapter has easy-to-grow delicious treats…

Showing 7 product(s)