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Streptocarpus Plant

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  1. Streptocarpus Plant - Crystal Ice

    Streptocarpus Plant - Crystal Ice

    …flowers. We consider this to be one of the best Streptocarpus ever bred. A medium sized plant with attractive narrow leaves and each flower stem having between 7-13 flowers. Couple this with year round…

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  2. Streptocarpus Plant - Bethan

    Streptocarpus Plant - Bethan

    Sky blue upper lobes, lower lobes having a tracery of purple overlying the blue. Masses of tightly clustered flowers above smallish leaves forming a nice neat plant. Flower size 5.2cm. Flowers March-November. Height 21-30cm…

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  3. Streptocarpus Plant - Adele

    Streptocarpus Plant - Adele

    A large flowering variety, with shocking red-purple flowers, the lower lobes have 3 yellow blotches and an intense yellow eye. Very free flowering. Flower size 5.8cm. Flowers March-November. Height 11-20cm.

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  4. Streptocarpus Plant - Tanya

    Streptocarpus Plant - Tanya

    Compact variety with intense lavender flat faced flowers. Very free flowering. Continuous blossom for well over eight months a year. Flower size 5cm. Flowers early April-late October. Height 11-20cm. Tender perennial variety.

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  5. Streptocarpus Plant - Polka Dot Purple

    Streptocarpus Plant - Polka Dot Purple

    This stunning streptocarpus and has been selling out at Flower Shows around the UK after being awarded second place for Plant of the Year.The huge amount of quality blossoms on this variety are probably the most we…

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  6. Streptocarpus Plant - Hope

    Streptocarpus Plant - Hope

    The flowers are a rich velvety red/purple with two strong yellow flashes in the throat. A medium/compact variety which is very free flowering over 10 months of the year. The leaves are a mid green and reasonably compact. Flower…

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  7. Streptocarpus Plant - Three Sisters

    Streptocarpus Plant - Three Sisters

    Dibleys Streptocarpus 'Three Sisters' is something a little different. A unique variety, perhaps the only one commercially available in the UK at present. Three Sisters', is three sisters, namely Katie, Marion and Matilda.…

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  8. Streptocarpus Plant - Hannah

    Streptocarpus Plant - Hannah

    …are pale pink when they first open, darkening to a mid pink after a couple of days. The throat is a strong yellow which extends over the lower lobes, overlaid with 7 short purple lines. The habit is very similar to its…

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  9. Streptocarpus Plant - Gwen

    Streptocarpus Plant - Gwen

    This is a white sport of 'Bethan', retaining all the excellent growing properties. The plant produces a large head of flowers that almost smother the compact leaves. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flower size 5.2cm.…

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  10. Streptocarpus Plant - Caitlin

    Streptocarpus Plant - Caitlin

    This variety has an excellent habit; flowers have attractive rose lower lobes edged pink and the upper lobes a similar pink. Very free flowering. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Flower size 4.4cm. Flowers March-November. Height…

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  11. Streptocarpus Plant - Charlotte

    Streptocarpus Plant - Charlotte

    These flowers are pale cornflower blue around the edge with a very large yellow eye. The flowers are held on short stems over compact leaves. A very attractive variety. Flower size 6.5cm. Flowers March-November. Height 11.20cm.

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  12. Streptocarpus Plant - Katie

    Streptocarpus Plant - Katie

    A strong variety which is very free flowering with deep inky purple veins on a paler background. Very distinctly marked flowers with about 8 flowers per stem. Flower size 4.6cm. Flowers March-November. Height 11-20cm.

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  13. Streptocarpus Plant - Marion

    Streptocarpus Plant - Marion

    White and blue sport from Katie with all the same excellent qualities. Exceptionally long flowering season. Great for the show bench. Flower size 5cm+. Flowers early April-late October. Height 11-20cm. Tender perennial variety.

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  14. Streptocarpus Plant - Blue Frills

    Streptocarpus Plant - Blue Frills

    A truly double variety with blue veining on the lower 3 lobes picking up the blue of the upper lobes, the ruffled centre petals mirror the blue and cream of the outer lobes. An upright growing variety which has medium/small…

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  15. Streptocarpus Plant - Celebration

    Streptocarpus Plant - Celebration

    Very early flowering it will bloom continuously from March to November; this variety has strong stems with a multi-flowering habit and a neat rosette of leaves. Flower size 5cm. Height 21-30cm.

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Showing 15 product(s)