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  1. Thunbergia Alata Seeds -Susie

    Thunbergia Alata Seeds -Susie

    The Black-eyed-Susan plant, so named because of the prominent eye in the centre of the flowers. A mixture of orange and yellow shades together with white. Free-flowering and colourful. GA - Greenhouse annual. Climbing.Easy to grow…

    Average Seeds 25
  2. Thunbergia Plants - Sunny Susy Amber Stripe

    Thunbergia Plants - Sunny Susy Amber Stripe

    Encapsulate the colours of the sunset with Thunbergia Sunny Susy Amber Stripe, a unique and eye-catching variety. The burnt orange hues of its flowers pop out of the voluptuous, dark green foliage as it climbs vigorously up…

    6 Super Plugs
Showing 2 product(s)