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Sweet Pepper Seeds

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  1. Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Superb glistening green fruit, which turn red on maturity, are clustered around a compact central stem. Ideal for pots, tubs, growing bags or garden planting. Recommended for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height…

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  2. Pepper Seeds - Snackbite (Mini Pepper)

    Pepper Seeds - Snackbite (Mini Pepper)

    You'll love these snack-sized sweet peppers, so sweet you will hardly know it's a pepper. Impressive when spread on a plate for parties and a great healthy snack for kids! The compact fruits contain few…

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  3. Pepper Seeds - Sweet Sunshine F1

    Pepper Seeds - Sweet Sunshine F1

    A revolutionary sweet pepper to grow outside your back door, providing bountiful crops that not only look extremely ornamental, but also taste delicious too! This exceptional sweet pepper has a unique…

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  4. Pepper Seeds - Hamik

    Pepper Seeds - Hamik

    Want something different, healthy, yet tasty to put in the kids' lunch boxes? (or you own!) Then try growing this bright orange little sweet bite pepper which will produce loads of tasty fruit throughout the summer.

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  5. Pepper Seeds - Alexander

    Pepper Seeds - Alexander

    The pepper that thinks it is a tomato! Yes it really is a round, tomato shaped pepper! The dark red, sweet, shiny fruit are ideal for use in salads or for stuffing. Though the fruits are sweet, there is…

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  6. Pepper Seeds - Yellow Bell F1

    Pepper Seeds - Yellow Bell F1

    The large, bright-yellow fruit of this delicious pepper have very thick, sweet flesh, and can reach weights of 250g. Great stuffed or cooked on the barbecue. Harvest June-October. Sweet pepper.

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  7. Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

    Pepper Chilli Seeds - Joe's Long F1

    If Jumbo is the biggest sweet pepper we have seen, then Joe's Long has to be one of the longest chillies. A very productive chilli pepper, producing unusually long, medium-hot chillies up to 20-30cm (8-12") in…

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  8. Vintage Peppers Planters

    Vintage Peppers Planters

    Whether you have a penchant for sweet or chilli peppers, this is the planter for you. Measures 31cm (12") wide x 40cm (16") high. 30 litres. Large fold-up planters that you can use anywhere! Robustly made, for use…

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