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  1. Tidy Tent Xtra

    Tidy Tent Xtra

    Tidy Tent Xtra is similar to the Tidy Tent but has a zip door at both sides allowing you to zip two together to create a larger storage space.

    Tidy Tent Xtra
  2. Tidy Tent

    Tidy Tent

    The TidyTent is manufactured from a very clever Polyester and Polyurethane mix making a quality fabric that is tough and durable, hardwearing and easy to clean. Our field trials have shown minimal colour degradation when exposed…

    Tidy Tent
  3. PVC Tunnel - 1 Piece Save 44%

    PVC Tunnel - 1 Piece

    …early cropping. GrowGuard is built like a tent with a sturdy fibreglass frame and has an innovative, patented pop-up system for the fastest possible assembly and disassembly. It takes less than 60 seconds to…

    Tunnel - 1 Piece
    £24.99 Was £44.99
Showing 3 product(s)