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Trailing Squash

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  1. Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    Pumpkin Seeds - Uchiki Kuri

    A teardrop-shaped Japanese Hubbard type squash. Its easy to grow and boasts a wonderful sweet and nutty flavour. Uchiki Kuri will easily set around four 1.5kg fruits per semi trailing plant. The hardy, drought…

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  2. Squash Seeds - Crown Prince F1

    Squash Seeds - Crown Prince F1

    Steel blue skin and bright orange flesh with a sweet nutty flavour, and averaging 3-4kg (6-9lb) in weight. The storage potential is excellent; it can be over 3 months if kept in a frost-free area with good ventilation. Trailing…

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  3. Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    Squash Seeds - Butterbush F1

    The Cobnut type squash is now one of our top selling vegetables, courtesy of exposure in the supermarkets and TV Chef recipes. Up until now though trailing plant habits have required considerable room in the garden.…

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Showing 3 product(s)