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  1. Garden Decorative Tree Face Save 23%

    Garden Decorative Tree Face

    The forest lives! This decorative tree face, with its big eyes, gnarled nose and smiling mouth, will add a friendly face to a tree in your garden. Includes 4 pieces that are very easy to attach with…

    Decorative Tree Face
    £9.99 Was £12.99
  2. Woodpecker Tree Ornament Save 10%

    Woodpecker Tree Ornament

    Woodpeckers are renowned for inhabiting our woodlands and you can now add one to your garden with this terrific tree ornament! Delightfully detailed, woodpeckers have with two toes facing forwards and two back to…

    Garden Ornament
    £17.99 Was £19.99
  3. Lily Bulbs - Tree Collection Save 33%

    Lily Bulbs - Tree Collection

    …bearing the benefits of each - their beautiful fragrance and vibrant colours make them a must! Lily Tree Collection contains 9 bulbs (3 of each variety):Beverly Dreams - Spectacular lily tree with large…

    9 Bulbs (3 of each variety)
    £17.97 Was £26.97
  4. Fig Plant - Brown Turkey

    Fig Plant - Brown Turkey

    If you have a bare south-facing wall then waste this space no longer. Brown Turkey is the most reliable fig for the UK climate and in late August to mid September produces a heavy crop of purple-brown fruits with sweet red flesh -…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  5. Priestlands Birch Scrub-Up and Celebrate

    Priestlands Birch Scrub-Up and Celebrate

    …community whilst promoting and protecting local flora and fauna. Once, birch trees were tapped every spring in Northern Europe, and the UK where the custom had all but disappeared.Using various parts of the birch Birch Gift Set

  6. Albizia julibrissin Plant - Ombrella

    Albizia julibrissin Plant - Ombrella

    Silk tree or Albizia julibrissin is a small, fast growing, deciduous tree with with green leaves structured like feathers. The compound clusters of tiny pink flowers look like fluffy silk powder puffs and they…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  7. Clematis montana Plant - Grandiflora

    Clematis montana Plant - Grandiflora

    Clematis montana grandiflora is vigorous, with pure white flowers in the late spring, accompanied by a background of dark green leaves. Excellent for training over a pergola or covering a North facing wall. Flowers May.…

    1 Potted Plant
  8. Campsis tagliabuana Plant - Madame Galen

    Campsis tagliabuana Plant - Madame Galen

    …of aerial roots, growing up to 12 metres tall. Needing a sheltered site from cold winds, a lot of spreading room, it will happily climb a south facing wall with a little help from training wires or a trellis.…

    2 Litre Potted Plant
  9. Clematis Plant - Hagley Hybrid

    Clematis Plant - Hagley Hybrid

    A good choice for a north-facing wall, Clematis 'Hagley Hybrid' flowers from mid-summer to early autumn, producing large star-shaped mauve-pink flowers. It does best in partial shade, as the flower colour will fade in strong…

    1 Potted Plant
  10. Clematis montana Plant - Rubens

    Clematis montana Plant - Rubens

    …house, where the fragrance can be enjoyed. It will grow in sun or partial shade, and will cope with north-facing walls. Train through an evergreen tree, or allow to ramble over a pergola. Belongs to pruning group 1 …

    1 Potted Plant
  11. Kiwi Plant - Jenny

    Kiwi Plant - Jenny

    Hardy, easy-to-grow climbers which will give good crops in the UK, grown on a trellis, arch or pergola in a warm spot, or on a south-facing wall. Plants are very attractive but quite vigorous, and should be pruned to keep them in…

    1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
  12. Clematis Plant - Multi Blue

    Clematis Plant - Multi Blue

    Clematis 'Multi Blue' is a deciduous climber with two flushes of flowers during the year. The first flowers appear in late spring and are large, deep blue and double. A second flush appears in autumn, producing semi-double flowers…

    1 Potted Plant
  13. Clematis Plant - Westerplatte

    Clematis Plant - Westerplatte

    Clematis 'Westerplatte' is an early-flowering clematis, producing large red flowers in late spring and early summer, with a second flush in early autumn. A compact plant, it can be grown in a container, and suits gardens where…

    1 Potted Plant
  14. Kiwi Plant - Issai

    Kiwi Plant - Issai

    An unusual kiwi which, unlike its more well-known cousins, boasts fruit with a smooth, edible skin! The little kiwis are quite delicious and are produced in abundance - 1000 kiwis per year is not unusual! Self-fertile with…

    1 x 2 litre Potted Plant
  15. Physocarpus opulif. Plant - Little Joker

    Physocarpus opulif. Plant - Little Joker

    …for the petite, cream-coloured flowers that emerge in spring and early summer. A colour combination that will definitely put a smile on your face! A very strong and classy-looking plant, this physocarpus is well…

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