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Tree Pruner

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  1. Gold Telescopic Tree Pruner

    Gold Telescopic Tree Pruner

    This telescopic tree and bush pruner has a non-stick cutting blade, soft grip handle and saw blade attachment and extends from 160cm up to 274cm to get to those hard to reach places.

    Delivery within 7 days Telescopic Tree Pruner
  2. Cobra 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System

    Cobra 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System

    …complete with a 72cm shaft and is fitted with a 30cm (12") high quality chainsaw bar and chain. There are many reasons for pruning trees. Pruning will make trees safer, encourages further growth, increasing…

    Delivery within 21 days 4-in-1 Petrol Multi-Tool System
Showing 2 product(s)