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  1. Truffle Tree - Oak

    Truffle Tree - Oak

    Truffles are a kind of 'underground mushroom' that grow on the roots of certain tree species. They are highly prized by top chefs and connoisseurs for their exquisite, intense flavour and can be used to add an indulgent…

    1 Oak Tree
  2. Truffle Tree - Hazel Kentish Cob

    Truffle Tree - Hazel Kentish Cob

    …are a UK grown native whose roots have been inoculated with native truffle fungi. Simply plant your tree, and after 4-7 years youll be harvesting your first truffle crop! What's more your hazel will continue…

    1 Hazel Tree
  3. Medlar Dwarf Fruit Tree

    Medlar Dwarf Fruit Tree

    Produces fruit with an unusual truffle-like flavour. Ripens in early October. Store them for a few weeks to develop their full flavour. Supplied in a 4 litre pot at a height of approximately 70cm (27").Small trees adapted to grow…

    1 x 4 Litre Potted Tree
  4. Personalised Belgian Truffle Sweet Tree

    Personalised Belgian Truffle Sweet Tree

    Sweet treat tree with a personalised base for that extra special finishing touch. Milk chocolate Belgian truffles with chocolate crunch centre and chocolate raisin base. Sure to delight, this will make an amazing…

    1 Tree
  5. Vegan Chocolate Hamper Save 11%

    Vegan Chocolate Hamper

    The ultimate hamper for dark chocolate lovers and vegans. Cacao tea infusion 150g, raw cacao nibs 200g, dark hazelnut praline truffles with sea salt 110g, pure gold 100% Sur del Lago cacao 40g, date, pistachio, raisin and…

    £39.99 Was £44.99
  6. Priestlands Birch Moisturise and Protect

    Priestlands Birch Moisturise and Protect

    …and protect your skin and lips. Birch oil lip balm 2.5g, soap 80g, moisturiser 30g jar. Supplied with 5g loose leaf tea and a box of chocolate truffles, 60gBirch Dry Skin Rescue can protect and heal, nourish and…

    Moisturising Set
  7. Priestlands Birch Scrub-Up and Celebrate

    Priestlands Birch Scrub-Up and Celebrate

    …applications that result in a unique range of birch products including cosmetics, drinks and utterly delicious birch liqueur chocolates and truffles. Birch trees contain, amongst other trace elements, salicylates,…

    Birch Gift Set
  8. Medlar Tree - Westeveldt

    Medlar Tree - Westeveldt

    An extremely attractive and quite fascinating tree (a relative of the quince family and a good pollinator for pears), with large, glossy leaves, beautiful white blossom in springtime and pretty bronze foliage in autumn. The…

    Despatch from 22/01/2020 1 Bare Root Tree
Showing 8 product(s)