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  1. Sweet Corn Seeds - Sweetie Pie F1

    Sweet Corn Seeds - Sweetie Pie F1

    An early maturing variety, boasting exceptionally sweet cobs, around 22cm (9") long and with an impressive average of 16 rows of corn per cob. Delicious raw or cooked.

    Average Seeds 35
  2. Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    Courgette Seeds - Ambassador F1

    High-yielding over a long season. Dark green fruit with crisp white flesh. Recommended for deep freezing. Maturing time approximately 12 weeks from sowing.

    12 seeds
  3. Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    Tomato Seeds - Faworyt

    …tomato which performed remarkably in our trials, producing large fruit up to 0.4 kg (14 oz) in weight! The pink flesh is delicious and contains few seeds, making it perfect for salads or frying.(Cordon variety - one…

    Average Seeds 40
  4. Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    Lettuce Seeds - All-The-Year-Round

    Traditional, reliable variety for spring/summer sowing. Compact and crisp. Sow early March-September. Row 15m (50'). Summer butterhead variety. Maturing time approximately 10-14 weeks from sowing. Develops large well-folded heads…

    Average Seeds 1300
  5. Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Rocky F1

    Large numbers of fruit, 8-10cm (3-4") long, borne in compact multiple clusters close to the main stem, with little side branching. Can be grown outdoors in many areas if planted through black polythene to keep the roots warm. The…

    4 Seeds
  6. Climbing French Bean Seeds - Blue Lake

    Climbing French Bean Seeds - Blue Lake

    Clusters of small, round and fleshy pods which are tender and entirely stringless. Dried white seeds can be used as haricots. Has that delicious French Bean flavour.

    Average Seeds 65
  7. Vegtrug Wall Hugger - 1.8m + Free Seeds worth 15

    Vegtrug Wall Hugger - 1.8m + Free Seeds worth 15

    …- 1.8m (5'11") wide x 46cm (18") deep x 80cm (2'7") high. Capacity 310 litres.Create a productive mini veg garden on your patio with our sturdy, attractive and popular VegTrugs. They provide a veg patch at…

    Wall Hugger
    From £179.99
  8. Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Tomato Seeds - Red Currant

    Rob says: Solanum pimpernelifolium produces tiny fruits, hence the name. Its a different species from your common garden tomato and its hardly changed since it was found growing wild on a Peruvian beach in 1707. The plants are…

    Average Seeds 30
  9. Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Red Swan

    Bean (Dwarf French) Seeds - Red Swan

    An attractive and eye-catching rosy-red & purple podded dwarf french bean which is easy to grow in a veg garden or container and looks totally different to green, yellow and dark purple varieties. Red Swan produces…

    Average seed content 100
  10. Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Squash (Organic) Seeds - Butternut

    Creamy flesh (similar to that of the avocado), with a strong, pleasant taste, ideal for making soup: simply puree the cooked flesh in a mixer and add tomato sauce, butter and salt. Stores well.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  11. Leek Seeds - Northern Lights F1

    Leek Seeds - Northern Lights F1

    This british-bred variety is a real stunner in the winter veg garden with the leaves changing from blue-green to an eye-catching deep purple during winter months. Harvest from December until well into spring

    Average Seeds 50
  12. Leek Seeds - Sprintan F1

    Leek Seeds - Sprintan F1

    Well named, Sprintan certainly gets a move on to be our earliest maturing leek. From spring sowings, it will mature from late August through to November. As this suggests, it has good standing ability and long green shanks. Has…

    Average Seeds 45
  13. Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    Courgette Seeds - Orelia F1

    A golden yellow courgette, producing delicious and attractive 12-18cm (5-7") fruits. Vigorous-growing and heavy-cropping. Good sliced in stir-fries and barbecue kebabs. Maturing time from sowing approximately 12 weeks.

    10 Seeds
  14. Pea (Organic) Seeds - Norli Sugar Pea

    Pea (Organic) Seeds - Norli Sugar Pea

    Small deep green pods with delicious flavour, best picked when 5cm long. The true French green mangetout. Resistant to fusarium wilt.

    Average Packet Content 200 seeds
  15. Leek Seeds - Pancho

    Leek Seeds - Pancho

    Early maturing, yet will stand into mid-winter. Long, crisp, white blanched stems of excellent flavour. Ideal for salads or conventional cooking. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    Average Seeds 300
  16. Tiger Nuts Seeds

    Tiger Nuts Seeds

    The perfect nutritional punch of traditional nuts without the nut! An easy to grow grass that produces masses of intently sweet tubers (not actual nuts). Bigger than peanuts, tasting like almonds and coconut, tiger nuts are a…

    20 Seeds
  17. Herb (Organic) Seeds - Lovage

    Herb (Organic) Seeds - Lovage

    A hardy herbaceous perennial. The leaves have a celery-like flavour and can be used in soups, stews and casseroles. Seeds and roots can also be eaten. Harvest June-August.

    Average Packet Content 145 seeds
  18. Kale Seeds - Red Russian

    Kale Seeds - Red Russian

    …been eating this tasty crop for centuries before anyone else jumped on the band wagon. Try making kale crisps, simply snip bite-size pieces from the leaves, wash and dry. Then drizzle with oil, sprinkle with salt and bake…

    Average Seeds 200
  19. Bean Dwarf French (Organic) Seeds - Speedy

    Bean Dwarf French (Organic) Seeds - Speedy

    Early maturing, ideal for growing two crops a year with spring and summer sowings. Fleshy 13-14cm pods on strong bushy plants. Can be picked young as filet beans. Resistant to bean mosaic virus.

    Average Packet Content 125 seeds
  20. Parsnip (Organic) Seeds - Tender and True

    Parsnip (Organic) Seeds - Tender and True

    A fine quality parsnip with long roots at least 7cm across at the top. One of the best-flavoured parsnips with good resistance to canker.

    Average Packet Content 400 seeds
  21. Beetroot (Organic) Seeds - Barabietola Di Chioggia

    Beetroot (Organic) Seeds - Barabietola Di Chioggia

    Old traditional Italian beetroot. Rosy pink skin, flesh white with concentric pink circles. Can be grated raw but is tastier cooked.

    Average Packet Content 145 seeds
  22. Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    Tomato Seeds - Incas F1

    This large plum-type, firm textured variety will be ready to pick from late June (even earlier under glass). Tolerant to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt. Ideal for greenhouse or outdoor growing. Large fruited (Bush) variety. Sow…

    Average Seeds 30
  23. Lettuce Seeds - Robinson

    Lettuce Seeds - Robinson

    A crisp, green lettuce with a vigorous root system which makes it ideal for organic growing. This, together with good pest/disease resistance make it reliable in a wide range of conditions. Summer crisphead variety. Row 15m (50').…

    Average Seeds 200
  24. Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    Nasturtium Seeds - Alaska Ladybird

    …flowers. An excellent trailing, ground cover plant, perfect for both baskets and to cover the ground with a burst of colour!A great plant to attract beneficial insects to your garden or veg patch. Leaves and flowers…

    Average Content 25 seeds
  25. Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Squash & Pumpkin (Organic) Seeds - Tuffy

    Delicious acorn squash for baking, with sweet yellow flesh. Black-green thick skin with distinctive ribbing. Bears 5-6 fruits per plant.

    Packet Content 10 seeds
  26. Wild Rocket (Organic) Seeds

    Wild Rocket (Organic) Seeds

    Much thinner-leaved than the cultivated variety, but with a more pungent peppery flavour. Less prone to bolt. A perennial, but best grown as an annual.

    Average Packet Content 400 seeds
  27. Brussels Sprout Seeds - Nelson F1

    Brussels Sprout Seeds - Nelson F1

    A vigorous-growing, high yielding brussels sprout. Resistance to lodging (blowing over) makes it ideal for single row plantings, and the tasty buttons are spread evenly up the stems. F1 hybrid variety. Maturing time 30-36 weeks…

    Average Seeds 45
  28. Cucumber Seeds - Carmen F1

    Cucumber Seeds - Carmen F1

    An 'All Female' cucumber with good tolerance to cold weather and mildew and is resistant to scab and leaf spot. Ideal for late or early cropping, when disease can be a problem. Homegrown cucumbers are better than any you can buy!…

    5 Seeds
  29. Swede Seeds - Invitation

    Swede Seeds - Invitation

    Club root a problem in the garden or on the allotment? Then this is the one to choose! This together with Powdery Mildew resistance ensures Invitation will out-perform other susceptible varieties and its tasty too! Plus its high…

    Average Seeds 1050
  30. Cabbage Seeds - Golden Acre

    Cabbage Seeds - Golden Acre

    Golden Acre is a very good early cabbage with medium-sized rounded heads of rock-like firmness. Summer/autumn cutting - maturing time approximately 20-26 weeks from sowing.

    Average Seeds 450
  31. Cabbage Seeds - Tinty F1

    Cabbage Seeds - Tinty F1

    A red, pointed cabbage that has the look and flavour of green pointed cabbage, but its colour provides excellent visual impact. Good resistance to white blister. Holds well when mature. Summer/Autumn cutting pointed cabbage.

    Average Seeds 100
  32. Cabbage White Seeds - Jersey Wakefield

    Cabbage White Seeds - Jersey Wakefield

    …is resistant to splitting and very compact with few outer leaves, so it wont take up too much room in your veg patch. Light green in colour, Jersey Wakefield will be ready in early summer, letting you use it for…

    Average Seeds 200
  33. Pea (Organic) Seeds - Kelvedon Wonder

    Pea (Organic) Seeds - Kelvedon Wonder

    Extremely popular thin-shelled, pointed, narrow pods in pairs. Heavy yielding and of fine flavour, we highly recommend it!

    Average Packet Content 200 seeds
  34. Watermelon Grafted Plants - F1 Mini Love

    Watermelon Grafted Plants - F1 Mini Love

    …and have zero fat and no cholesterol; they're compact, round to blocky, with striped skins and sweet, crisp, dark crimson flesh with very few seeds, and weigh 3-5 kg each (with 3-4 fruits per plant). Can be grown in…

    3 Super Plugs
  35. Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Pepper Seeds - Redskin F1

    Superb glistening green fruit, which turn red on maturity, are clustered around a compact central stem. Ideal for pots, tubs, growing bags or garden planting. Recommended for deep freezing. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Height…

    8 seeds
  36. Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    Lettuce Seeds - Mixture

    If you've never grown your own lettuce plants to experience that 'fresh from the garden' taste, try our mixed pack. A mixture of varieties to provide a range of colours, tastes and leaf types for your salad bowl. A fortnightly…

    Average Seeds 1400
  37. Carrot Seeds - Atlas

    Carrot Seeds - Atlas

    A little round(ish) variety. A perfect little carrot to grow in containers or if you have stoney or heavy soil where regular carrots arent a great success. It forms small ping pong ball sized, super sweet spheres. This variety is…

    Average Seeds 1000
  38. Lettuce Seeds - Fat Lazy Blonde

    Lettuce Seeds - Fat Lazy Blonde

    …the name is actually describing the traits of the plant. This variety forms 'fat' 18-25cm (7-10") heads which are slow (lazy) to bolt in warm weather. The inner leaves are light green (blonde) in colour and delicious. Has…

    Average Seeds 150
  39. Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Black Beauty

    Courgette (Organic) Seeds - Black Beauty

    Gives a steady supply of delicious, shiny deep green courgettes throughout the summer months. A strong growing, reliable variety. Easy to pick and ideal for slicing and freezing. (Earliest known date 1927).

    Packet Content 15 seeds
  40. Tomato Grafted Plants - Pineapple (Ananas) Save 19%

    Tomato Grafted Plants - Pineapple (Ananas)

    …in Kentucky, USA. Producing large fruit who's ribbed exterior is reminiscent of a pineapple, with a kaleidoscopic swirl of red, pink and orange inside. Mildly sweet & fruity with a hint of citrus, the fruit is…

    3 x 10cm Potted Plants
    £11.99 Was £14.97
  41. VegTrug Wall Hugger - 1m + Free Seeds worth 15

    VegTrug Wall Hugger - 1m + Free Seeds worth 15

    …- 1m (3'3") wide x 46cm (18") deep x 80cm (2'7") high. Capacity 170 litres. Create a productive mini veg garden on your patio with our sturdy, attractive and popular VegTrugs. They provide a veg patch at…

    1m Wall Hugger VegTrug
    From £119.99
  42. Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    Pea Seeds - Blauwschokker

    …an ornamental if you grow them in your borders - the beautiful purple flowers can rival any sweet pea. But the real beauty of Blaushokker is the seed pods - they are dark purple in colour, so youll never miss a pod…

    Average Seeds 100
  43. Veg Trug Wall Hugger 1m - Greywash plus FREE seeds worth 15

    Veg Trug Wall Hugger 1m - Greywash plus FREE seeds worth 15

    A super addition to our popular VegTrug range and now available in a grey wash finish, the Wall Huggers have all the superb benefits of the original VegTrug but are only 46cm (18") deep. This makes them ideal for narrow spaces,…

    1m Wall Hugger - Greywash + FREE seeds
  44. Pepper Patio Veg Plants - Snackabelle

    Pepper Patio Veg Plants - Snackabelle

    …peppers which ripen from green to red. Eat fresh, but fruit stand up to grilling and stuffing. 'Easy-out' stem and seeds, simply push down or cut around the cap to release the seed cavity for quick and easy…

    3 Super Plugs
    From £7.99
  45. Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    Squash Seeds - Honeyboat

    Rob says: I first found this squash in the United states, California to be exact, and as far as I know, no-one else in the UK is selling this great old variety. This squash is easier to grow, and sweeter than a butternut squash.…

    6 seeds
  46. Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    Lettuce Seeds - Lakeland

    British-bred, large, solid and weighty Iceberg lettuce with tightly packed heads. Resistant to Root Aphid and many lettuce diseases. Row length per pack 9m (30'). Sow March-July. Summer crisphead variety. Maturing time…

    Average Seeds 850
  47. Parsnip Seeds - Exhibition

    Parsnip Seeds - Exhibition

    The best long parsnip for exhibition which can be grown to extraordinary size. Good flavour and cooking quality. Row 12m (40'). Recommended for exhibition. Large rooted, traditional type. Maturing time approximately 32-36 weeks…

    Average Seeds 600
  48. Tomato Seeds - Alicante

    Tomato Seeds - Alicante

    Probably the best 'non-hybrid' normal sized tomato. Crops well and reliably. Early to mature and free from Greenback, the smooth red fruit is of splendid quality. Ideal for both greenhouse and outdoor growing. Recommended for…

    Average Seeds 80
  49. Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    Marigold (French) Seeds - Defender

    …which not only help increase yields of fruiting crops but most feed on common veg-patch pests such as aphids too!" Flowers mid June-September. Height 21-30cm. HHA - Half hardy annual.Deter pests from your veg garden…

    Average Seeds 150
  50. Squash Seeds - Sunburst F1

    Squash Seeds - Sunburst F1

    …fruits with a distinctive 'nutty' taste. Cut the fruit at 3.5cm (1") diameter. Eat raw or lightly steamed. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.Mini Veg variety - With our mini-vegetables even the smallest plot can…

    12 Seeds
  51. Parsnip Seeds - Picador F1

    Parsnip Seeds - Picador F1

    A vigorous hybrid parsnip, producing an enviable crop of long, tapering, smooth-skinned roots, with excellent resistance to canker. And the flavour? - outstanding! RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Maturing time from sowing Average Seeds 180

  52. Cucumber Seeds - White Wonder

    Cucumber Seeds - White Wonder

    Rob says: This gorgeous little crunchy white cucumber took some finding. It was first sent to an American seed company back in 1890, from a gentleman in New York. It forms ivory white, 15-20cm long, fat, oval fruits, with a…

    Average Seeds 25
  53. Beetroot (Organic) Seeds - Rhonda

    Beetroot (Organic) Seeds - Rhonda

    …suited for baby beet. Good disease and bolting tolerance.With over 15 million organic gardeners in the UK and the number growing year on year, were keen to support growers to produce the varieties they love, organically.…

    Average Packet Content 265 seeds
  54. Radish Seeds - Long Scarlet

    Radish Seeds - Long Scarlet

    Rob says: Its not actually a carrot that Beatrix Potters Peter Rabbit was infamously eating in the books, its a radish - and its reported to be this radish! Long Scarlet is a long, carrot-shaped radish with a punchy flavour. This…

    Average Seeds 400
  55. Tomato Seeds - Heinz 1370

    Tomato Seeds - Heinz 1370

    This semi-bush style tomato will provide you with countless, beautiful, bright red fruit. Weighing around 100-170g (4-6oz) each, this small 90-120cm (3-4) plant is a real producer. So much so, you may need to stake the branches to…

    15 Seeds
  56. Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Mix

    Lettuce (Organic) Seeds - Mix

    A mix of Red Salad Bowl, Suzan, Marvel of Four Seasons and Little Leprechaun all in one packet. Cut at 10cm high for baby leaf or allow to fully grow.

    Average Packet Content 335 seeds
  57. Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Marketmore

    Cucumber (Organic) Seeds - Marketmore

    Attractive dark green cylindrical fruit up to 20cm in length. Continuous high yield throughout the season. Resistant to cucumber mosaic virus.

    Average Packet Content 24 seeds
  58. Shallot Seeds - Ambition F1

    Shallot Seeds - Ambition F1

    Keen gardener? Well, you can easily grow shallots from seed! A high quality, easy-to-grow, bolt-resistant variety, producing a good crop of attractive, tasty, reddish/brown-skinned shallots that are suitable for long-term…

    Average Seeds 90
  59. Beetroot Seeds - Action F1

    Beetroot Seeds - Action F1

    A superb garden performer, producing a good crop of high quality, smooth-skinned, deep red roots. The strong tops make it easier to harvest too. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner.

    Average Seeds 180
Showing 60 product(s)