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Water Melon

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  1. Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    Watermelon Seeds - Rosario F1

    This excellent early maturing watermelon produces 3-4kg (7-9 lb) dark green fruits with sweet, juicy, succulent, dark pinkish-red flesh. Tolerant to mildew, fusarium and anthracnose.

    Delivery within 7 days 6 Seeds
  2. Melon Plant - Pepino Trio

    Melon Plant - Pepino Trio

    The fruits have a mild fruity taste, like a cross between melon and pear, with a slight freshness of cucumber, perfect to snack on their own, but great to add to fruit salads and normal salads. You'll be best to grow them…

    Despatch from 27/05/2019 1 x 14cm Potted Plant
    From £14.99
Showing 2 product(s)