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Water Timer

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  1. Logica Timer

    Logica Timer

    The easiest timer you can find on the market! The Aquauno Logica timer takes just seconds to select from any of the 15 pre-set programs, making it ideal for use in all gardens. Simply by turning the knob to any one…

    From £35.00
  2. Complete Irrigation Kit

    Complete Irrigation Kit

    …to enable complete water use management, and they can be taken apart and cleaned out if they should ever happen to become blocked up. The shut-off valves will enable certain parts of the system to be shut off for…

    Irrigation Kit
  3. Click and Drip Irrigation Kit Save 30%

    Click and Drip Irrigation Kit

    …your outdoor tap to water slowly and evenly (1 litre of water is released per drip hole per hour) so that your plants take up the water before it forms puddles which evaporate! It includes a tap…

    Irrigation Kit
    £44.99 Was £64.99
Showing 3 product(s)