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White Fly

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  1. Biological Control - Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnats)

    Biological Control - Sciarid Fly (Fungus Gnats)

    Sciarid flies (or Fungus flies) are 3-4mm long black flies that jump or hover over the soil surface in the greenhouse and around houseplants where compost is warm and moist.The small white larvae live…

    Despatch from February 2020 10,000 Hypoaspis Miles
  2. Easy Micromesh Tunnel - Giant

    Easy Micromesh Tunnel - Giant

    …barrier for fruit and vegetables! It has an ultra-fine mesh size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm, which is small enough to keep out Cabbage Root Fly, Carrot Fly, White Fly, Onion Fly, Flea Beetle, Vine…

    Delivery within 7 days Giant
  3. Easy Micromesh Tunnel - Standard

    Easy Micromesh Tunnel - Standard

    …width 45cm (18"), height 30cm (12"). Micromesh Tunnel - Ultra-fine 0.6mm mesh, which is small enough to keep out cabbage rootfly, carrot fly, white fly, onion fly, flea beetle, vine weevil,…

    Delivery within 7 days Standard
Showing 3 product(s)