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White Stones

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  1. French Pearl - Bulk

    French Pearl - Bulk

    This white mediterranean stone is a very striking gravel that will give a wow factor to your driveway, on paths or will even look fantastic in a border to offset planting and help deter weeds. Ideal for use in…

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  2. Cotswold Stone Chippings - Bulk Save 7%

    Cotswold Stone Chippings - Bulk

    This Cotswold Stone chippings will add some texture and interest to your garden. The creamy-white coloured stones are ideal for paths and patios, and detering weeds on beds and borders. These decorative chippings…

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    £119.99 Was £129.99
  3. Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Dimorphotheca Seeds - White Lady

    Toby says: "A native South African plant bearing glistening white, daisy-like flowers. The robust, drought-tolerant plants are ideal for borders, rockeries and dry stone walls." Flowers June-September. Height 30cm …

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  4. Cornish Silver Chippings - Bulk

    Cornish Silver Chippings - Bulk

    These Cornish Silver Chippings will add some texture and interest to your garden. The sparkling white and silver flecked stone chips are ideal for paths, patios, detering weeds on beds and borders, plus driveways as…

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  5. Cottage Cream - Bulk

    Cottage Cream - Bulk

    …these gardens. Also good for paths and borders and works well as a plant pot topper for both indoor and outdoor pots.Approximate stone size - 10-20mmColour - beige, white, yellowUses decorative landscaping,…

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  6. Peach Tree - Jalousia

    Peach Tree - Jalousia

    …be missed especially for those with a sweet tooth (as they contain high sugar levels) and children love them. They have a thin skin, white flesh and a small stone. Recommended by the RHS to be an excellent…

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Showing 6 product(s)